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If you’re a learner seeking to jump-start your college career with transfer credit, or open up new employment opportunities with badges, use the ACE National Guide to find courses and exams that carry college credit or competency recommendations. Learn more, and search the catalog of extra-institutional experiences evaluated by ACE's Learning Evaluations (formerly CREDIT®) below.

Badges and Transcripts

ACE can help you document your skills and experiences so that you can receive credit for what you already know. Beginning December 2020, training providers will issue digital badges on Credly’s Acclaim platform, which you can share through social media and send to professional contacts. Through Acclaim you can also send a free, digitial, official academic transcript directly to a college or university to receive credit for prior learning.

Because each college or university makes its own decisions about whether to grant credit, we recommend that you reach out to the colleges you are considering directly to find out where to send the transcript and what prior learning policies they have in place.

ACE Transcripts

You can learn more about our transcription services by visiting the Request Transcripts page:

ACE Transcripts

JST Transcripts

​If you took courses through a branch of the United States military, you’ll find your courses listed in the Military Guide. Those courses appear in the Joint Services Transcript (JST). For help with your JST, visit:

JST Site
Transfer Guide

The process for transferring credit to a college or university is different for each institution; however, there are some general guidelines that can help make this process a little easier. Visit the Transfer Guide page for more guidance, or contact our support staff at credit@acenet.edu. Transfer Guide


Have questions about the ACE National Guide? Visit our frequently asked questions page for common inquiries.

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We are here to help! Navigating college admissions and transfer policies can be tricky. Contact us today for assistance putting your prior learning to use and getting the credit you deserve.

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