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Latest: November 2022 Insights

Blue Moon Consulting Group

The financial pressures facing higher education institutions are myriad and increasing. On top of declining student populations, unsustainable cost structures, and reduced government funding; colleges and universities are now operating in the highest inflation environment seen in decades.

In our Challenging Finances Issue Brief, we suggest “5 Questions to Ask Your Team” and “4 Things to Keep in Mind” to help ensure success when facing strong financial headwinds.

​Civitas Learning

UTSA Achieves 16% Retention Lift with Data-Activated Student Support Ecosystem​
Explore how the University of Texas at San Antonio contributes to greater equity in higher education and fosters institutional sustainability. Through the deconstruction of silos to promote collaboration, careful application of change management techniques, and adoption of data-informed practices and analysis the UTSA team is positively impacting their students' futures and mitigating enrollment challenges facing many Higher Ed institutions.


Deloitte’s MADE Commits $75 Million to Fuel Greater Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Tax and Accounting​
Deloitte is committed to generating more advisory, auditing, and tax career opportunities and leadership pathways for the next generation of certified public accountants (CPAs). MADE—Making Accounting Diverse and Equitable—represents a bold vision for the accounting profession, both in terms of increasing racial and ethnic diversity, and helping students of color see and realize their future in business through the prism and possibilities of accounting.

Gray Associates

What Is an Academic Program Evaluation Process?

An academic program evaluation process is data-informed, transparent, collaborative, and intensive when done correctly. Having a strong analytical foundation and a clear, inclusive process for program evaluation leads to better decisions, strengthens relationships across the campus, and is consistent with the principles of shared governance.

Huron Consulting Group

Baylor Achieves Tier-One Research Designation

Universities granted Tier-One Research (R1) Status by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education are at the forefront of discovery and innovation. Of nearly 4,000 degree-granting institutions in the U.S., only 146 are classified as R1s, an elite group often cited as among the best in the world. The story of how Baylor University worked with Huron to achieve R1 status three years earlier than expected is one of vision, collaboration, persistence, and innovation.

October 2022 Insights

Blue Moon Consulting Group

Active Aggressor: Prevention, Recovery & Management​​​ (PDF)

While rare, active violence situations are on the rise.  And with each new incident in the news, the concern on campuses grows as does the pressure on leaders to take action to prevent violent acts and keep communities safe. In this Higher Ed Issue Brief, Campus Active Aggressor: Mitigate, Respond to, and Manage the Impacts and Consequences, BMCG shares five questions to ask your team and four steps that you can take now to develop a broad and holistic approach to mitigate, respond to, and manage the impacts and consequences of this most troubling of risks.​

Civitas Learning

3 Ways Jacksonville State University Eases Enrollment with Student-Centered Scheduling​

Discover three ways student-centered scheduling capabilities significantly improve the registration experience at JSU.​


New Coursera survey shows high demand for industry microcredentials from students and employers in tight labor market

Coursera surveyed over 2,400 students and recent graduates and 1,200 employers across eight countries in collaboration with research firm, Dynata, and 74 percent of U.S. students said that the inclusion of relevant microcredentials would influence their choice of a degree program at their university. 86 percent of US employers agree that earning a microcredential strengthens a graduate's job application, and 74 percent believe it would improve a candidate’s ability to perform in an entry-level position.


​​Five strategies for student success​
​Many U.S. students fail to graduate from college each year, with first-generation and low-income learners, especially at risk. Leading higher education institutions are following five strategies to help students succeed.


The Great Recalibration: How to transform your benefits strategy to meet employees’ evolving needs​

This article examines how drivers of the Great Resignation are challenging employers to rethink their benefits strategies to meet the unique challenges of the next-generation workplace. Fidelity’s insights will help employers understand employees’ top workplace priorities to more effectively meet their needs now and in the future.


Does Gen Z value higher education?

To better understand their views of their educational investment in a time of economic uncertainty, Handshake asked students across the classes of 2022 and 2023 about their feelings on their careers and the economy, as well as their thoughts on their higher education experience. Despite years of unprecedented remote learning and economic uncertainty, students signal yes. Read this blog post for the latest trends.​

The Jed Foundation

Seasonal Grief: How to Support Students Processing a Loss This Winter

Grief is not a linear process, and it can be isolating for young people who are simultaneously acclimating to a new school year. As the days get shorter, students might begin to experience academic milestones or holiday planning for the first time without their lost loved one, causing grief to intensify or resurface. The Jed Foundation (JED) invites you to learn about seasonal grief and how to support young people coping with it this semester.

September 2022 Insights​

Blue Moon Consulting Group

Preparing for Protests and Political Activism (PDF)
The return of students this fall to university and college campuses comes amid increasing polarization, a focus on social justice issues, and a midterm election that promises to be as vitriolic as any previous election. Against that backdrop, we are continuing to see free speech itself become a debate topic: those who value freedom of speech vs. those who increasingly value freedom from speech. Campus leaders can ask themselves five questions now to help gauge how prepared they are and how much risk they could be exposed to on their campuses.

Civitas Learning

University of Texas at San Antonio builds a data-activated culture to equitably support students
As a Hispanic Serving Institution, UTSA uses data-informed approaches to go beyond best practices in serving the diverse needs of all their students. In this podcast episode, Dr. Wyatt shares how UTSA has refined its use of data over the last decade and collaborates across teams to impact student success


All for one, not one for all: The power of equity-centered design
How do you build compelling and inclusive experiences that lead to more equitable outcomes? By understanding that invitations are as important as insights into the design process. Learn how equity-centered design can create stronger outcomes that benefit everyone.


The class of 2023 forges ahead
Given a steady stream of news around a potential recession and a possible contraction in hiring, how will the newest cohort of college job seekers respond? To find out, Handshake asked the incoming class of 2023 how they feel about the economy, what actions they’re taking to land a job, and how confident they are about securing a meaningful, well-paying job. Read their report for the latest trends.

Gray Associates

A Case For the Humanities: Part 1
Many people view liberal arts, humanities, and social science programs as a one-lane highway to low-paying jobs. We decided to take a look at what people actually earn based on their college majors. What we found may surprise you.

Wiley University Services

Voice of the Online Learner
A new segment of students is changing the online learning landscape. Discover why in Wiley University Service’s Voice of the Online Learner 2022 report. With survey results from nearly 2,500 prospective, current, and recently graduated online learners, you can explore the latest trends and draw on actionable, data-driven recommendations related to shifting attitudes on synchronous learning, barriers to admission, views on affordability, and more. Download your copy of Voice of the Online Learner 2022 today.

August 2022 Insights​


Deloitte’s 2022 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Transparency Report​

Explore Deloitte’s 2022 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Transparency Report to learn about our commitment to diversifying our workforce, strengthening an inclusive culture, and advancing equity within our organization and in society.

​​Gray Associates

How Higher Education Institutions Are Using Creative AI​

We’ve seen an explosion of AI-related courses and programs across higher education, mainly within engineering and computer science departments, but AI isn’t just for “left​-brainers.” Artists, musicians, and other “right-brain” aficionados are using AI to enhance the creative process and even generate new creative works. While creative AI still has a long way to go, it’s clear that AI technology will have to be considered in the workforce and in educating students.

July 2022 Insights

AGB Search

Voices from the Academy

AGB Search continues its video series "Voices from the Academy" with an interview between AGB Search Principal Kim Bobby and Barbara J. Lawrence, the inaugural VP for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion/CDO at Rider University. Diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts have taken on renewed importance on campuses in the last two years. Some institutions made the commitment for the first time to engage highly experienced chief diversity officers on their campuses. Whether establishing a brand new CDO role or expanding a DEI office, Lawrence is clear that the keys to success reside in ensuring it’s an institution-wide effort.

Blue Moon Consulting Group

Evaluating Preparedness: Reputational Risk Maturity Model (PDF)​

While institutions spend money and invest time in the hard work of building and maintaining a brand, they often ignore or only glance at the importance of ensuring reputation is protected. Blue Moon Consulting Group encourages you to ask yourself and your team five questions and assess how capable and prepared your institution is to effectively and proactively manage reputational risk. BMCG’s Reputational Risk Maturity Model, though geared toward higher education, provides leaders across all industries with an opportunity to gauge just how robust they are at protecting their reputation.


Transforming Work in Higher ED

What does your institution’s transformation journey look like? The length and complexity of the journey depends on your organizational aspirations and leadership ambition, where you are today, and where you need to be to achieve those goals.


Job growth, but slowing by industry

What is the state of the job market for the class of 2022? The latest Handshake Network Trends blog pulls job posting data from the past five years to understand how hiring is shifting in the midst of a changing economy. Find out which industries continue to be red hot for students, as well as which industries are slowing down.

June ​2022 Insights​

​​Blue Moon Consulting Group

Beyond Spin—Bridging the gap between stakeholder expectations and decision making (​PDF)​

​​Successful issues management goes beyond reactive communications and “spinning” a story. At Blue Moon Consulting Group, we believe being proactive and actively engaging with stakeholders and understanding their concerns is crucial as strategic decisions are considered. In our Higher Ed Issues Management whitepaper, Beyond Spin—Bridging the Gap Between Stakeholder Expectations & Decision-Making, we review the three steps every institution can take to create a robust issues management approach, thus reducing reputational risk and building goodwill with key stakeholders.


Deloitte’s Future of Work Institute​

Deloitte’s Future of Work Institute is a specialized microcredential experience designed to help students explore their future work, skills, and jobs and understand how those future experiences may evolve. The Institute is designed to complement existing learning and curricula provided by degree programs and career center experiences at colleges and universities nationwide.

​Gray Associates

No Matter What the Future Holds, Understanding Program Economics is Vital​

In an excerpt from his new book, Start, Stop, or Grow?: A Data-informed Approach To Academic Program Evaluation And Management, CEO and Founder of Gray Associates, Robert Gray Atkins, addresses the vitality of program economics when it comes to evaluating an academic program portfolio.  Learn how the goal of program economics is not profit, but generating margins that the college can re-invest in mission-critical programs and initiatives.

​​The Jed Foundation

Employers Must Protect the Mental Health of Early-in-Career Professionals​

After graduation, will today's students find workplaces that are prepared to meet their professional expectations and — emotional needs? The Jed Foundation (JED) presents a compelling argument as to why employers must support the mental health of early-in-career professionals in order to successfully recruit, and retain, the best and brightest of Gen Z.

​​May 2022 Insights

AGB Search

HR Transformation at the University of California: Levers and Strategies

AGB Search and Mercer continue their series Leadership Connections in Higher Education by discussing prevalent issues in higher education human resources. In a recent Connections event, presenters explored the large-scale project underway to transform the University of California’s systemwide human resources (SWHR) department. HR Transformation at the University of California: Levers and Strategies details the goals for the project along with the strategies used to provide service to the entire system while ensuring the needs of each individual campus are met.


A Higher Education CHRO’s guide to thriving post-pandemic (​PDF)

Deloitte identified eight key areas for higher education HR and university leaders to consider for their institutions to emerge from the pandemic with greater agility, strength, and resiliency.


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