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New For November 2020


Questions & Metrics for Boards of Trustees Leading Through Disruption
Practices, questions, and considerations for Boards of Trustees as they lead and support their institutions through the challenges of 2020 and beyond, with a Board Financials Checklist.


Data Insights Help Kansas State Lay the Foundation for a Stronger Future

Like many higher education institutions, over the last decade, Kansas State University had experienced a steady drop in enrollment, brought about by increased competition and declining college participation rates. To push past these barriers and adapt to a rapidly shifting landscape, the university’s leadership team set out to build a holistic strategy for enrollment management that would stabilize in-state enrollment and grow out-of-state admissions.

September 2020 Insights

National Student Clearinghouse

Community Colleges, For-Profit and Rural Institutions, Black Undergraduates, and Male Undergraduates Suffered Most from Online-Only 2020 Summer Sessions

The NSC provides insight on the impact of COVID-19 on postsecondary enrollments, using the latest data available.

August 2020 Insights


Creating Opportunities for Working Adults

Top-line revenue strategies focused on international students, dynamic pricing and enrollment management have run their course, and traditional degree programs have limited scale. To identify new revenue streams and develop agility in the face of external challenges, creative higher education leaders are seeking entry into adjacent markets that support their missions while promising flexibility and long-term growth. 

Harris Search Associates

The Case for the University Chief Health Officer

Recent events surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak have disrupted the landscape of US higher education institutions in ways previously unimagined. Leaders continue to struggle with coordinating re-opening plans for the fall while confronting the related health and financial implications of the pandemic. However, what if campuses across the country (regardless of size or stature), were to create another C-level position not in spite of the pandemic but rather in response to it?

​July 2020 Insights


In Impossible Times, Which Academic Leaders Are Shining?

It’s a near-impossible time to be a leader in academia, but some administrators are finding inspiration in the current environment and encouraging their institutions to boldly move ahead.


Level the Playing Field

Higher ed is at an inflection point where established thinking, processes, and services may fail to serve the students and institutions of the future. The disruption facing colleges and universities will impact future financial aid policies and systems, and those institutions that prepare now will be better positioned to serve new generations of students in the years to come.

June 2020 Insights


Reflect on Your “Why”: Using the Pandemic for Career Preparation

As the world rapidly changes around us, it is a time for career reflection. In this article, WittKieffer's Christine Pendleton provides tips on using the pandemic for career inspiration and reconsidering why you do what you do.


Prepare for a Distinct 2020 New Student Vision

Assuming that our campuses will function in a relatively normal fashion in the fall, what sort of student life might we anticipate? Aside from the health precautions which might limit formal class meetings and student activities, our colleges will welcome a transformed student population. 

May 2020 Insights


From Pandemic to Transformation: Higher Ed Leadership During COVID-19

​In this unfamiliar environment, institutional leaders will need to shift to a future-oriented focus on transformational change to sustain and advance their core missions. These realities require the dedicated attention of senior leadership and will force American higher education to undergo a three-phase process: triage, stabilize, and transform.

Watermark Insights

Top 5 Reasons to Use Digital Tools for Key Campus Processes

Today more than ever, higher education institutions are exploring digital tools for key campus processes, and for very good reason. If you’ve ever tried to reconcile data from different spreadsheets, sort through stacks of student assignments, or schedule an appointment to sit in a carrel and evaluate a tenure review binder, you know the challenges of manual processes​—​​now more than ever. Digital tools have important advantages for making processes more consistent, secure, efficient, and effective. As institutions support staff and students across a broader range of geographies with a broader set of needs, we’ve compiled the top considerations for reevaluating these processes.

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