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​​The American Council on Education (​​​ACE) contributes data and provides quality assurance for military courses and occupations appearing on the Joint Services Transcript. ACE also provides official transcripts for courses and exams offered by a variety of corporations, government and nonprofit organizations, and online course providers.

Military Transcripts

ACE provides quality assurance and policy guidance for the Joint Services Transcript (JST) used by the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard.

More than 2,300 colleges and universities recognize these transcripts as official documentation of military training and experiences and applicable ACE credit recommendations.

Visit the Military Guide Frequently Asked Questions page for questions that may arise when using transcripts to evaluate and award credit. Service members with valid credit recommendations can request official transcripts through the related links provided on this page. 

Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard transcripts can be requested at the Joint Services Transcript site. If you have questions related to your JST transcript, contact for further assistance.

Air Force Transcripts

​To request an Air Force transcript, please visit Air Univ​ersity.

ACE Working Transcripts

If you’ve completed and passed a course or exam that carries ACE recommendations, then you are eligible to order an official transcript that can be sent securely to an institution of your choice. The ACE transcript verifies your credential for a college or employer, and includes information on the learning outcomes, competencies, credit recommendations, and other details about the course you passed. Recipients can use it to grant you college credit, satisfy degree requirements, or verify skills required for a job opportunity. If you have taken training at your workplace or an examination for a professional certification or license which has not been evaluated by ACE's College Credit Recommendation Service (CRE​DIT®​), the training would not be included on the ACE transcript. However, many colleges and universities have transfer policies and prior learning assessment programs that provide opportunities for you to submit those learning experiences for potential college credit. Learn more about credit for prior learning.

ACE transcripts are currently ordered through the ​ ACE Transcript Registry System. When you request a transcript, the provider of the course you took will approve the request before it is sent. Your first transcript order costs $20, and each subsequent order costs $15. In order to request a transcript, you’ll need to have information about the courses you’ve taken and dates you completed them, as well as where and to whom you’d like the transcript sent.

Digital Credentials

Beginning in October 2019, all CREDIT courses will be verified through a badge on the Acclaim digital credential platform. You can share these badges for free on social media as well as download free transcripts for your own use. You can also pay to have digital transcripts sent securely to schools if you have the name and email address for delivery. When you complete your course or exam, you’ll be sent an email invitation to claim your badge. When you accept the badge, you can create an account on Acclaim and use that to order future transcripts without waiting for any further approvals. If you’ve completed a course or exam but not received an invitation email with your badge, you’ll be able to fill out a claim form to access your credential. ​If you have questions about your ACE t​ranscript, visit the Resource Center.


 The Military Guide

Explore military training and occupations carrying ACE recommendations. Users can search for courses and occupations in the guide, which is updated da Military Guide

 The National Guide

Discover corporate training, certifications, exams, and alternative educational programs with ACE credit recommendations and validated competencies.

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