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​The ACE Military Guide supports academic institutions in awarding college credit to military-connected learners based on their military training and ​​occupations.

​Through a Departm​​ent of Defense (DoD​​) contract for the U.S. Armed Services, ACE is the sole source of information for courses and occupations evaluated for the military. The ACE Military Guide is a trusted technology platform containing courses and occupations evaluated from 1954 to present.

The Military Guide includes:​​​

  • A public Joint Services Transcript (JST) upload feature for service members and veterans ​
  • A streamlined format for course and occupation summaries​
  • Detailed information for all military courses and occupations evaluated by ACE
  • Multiple ways to search for courses and occu​pations—​by service, date, ACE ID or military course number, and course or occupation title
  • Evaluations conducted by college and university faculty members who are actively teaching in the areas they review​​

​ACE also evaluates courses offered by military-affiliated or defense institutions, government agencies, ​and joint DoD programs. These evaluations are found in the ACE National Guide, rather than the Military Guide. If you are seeking information about an evaluated course that does not appear in the Military Guide, please visit the Browse Organizations page of the ACE National Guide.​

What's Your Role?

You are a:

  • Postsecondary institution that wants to make collaborative and informed credit award decisions
  • Learner who hopes to apply military experience toward a degree
  • Military training provider who advises students and leadership on training programs evaluated for potential academic credit

​Whatever your role, the ACE Military Guide is for you. Follow the path below that best meets your needs.


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ACE Military Guide Frequently Asked Questions
ACE Military Guide Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Military Guide.
For Colleges and Universities
For Colleges and Universities
Learn how to interpret ACE credit recommendations and award credit for prior learning.
College Credit For Students and Learners
College Credit For Students and Learners
Through ACE Learning Evaluation, learners may receive college credit recommendations or validated competencies for military service, workplace training programs, apprenticeships, standardized exams, or other types of experiential learning.
For Employers and Training Providers
For Employers and Training Providers
Learn how ACE’s Learning Evaluations can help your organization receive college credit recommendations for military and workforce training programs.
For Faculty
For Faculty
ACE faculty evaluators review military training and occupations, as well as training and exams, for a variety of organizations and corporations. Learn more about how faculty evaluators contribute to the ACE review process.
Start Your Search
Start Your Search
The ACE Military Guide lists credit recommendations and detailed summaries for courses and occupations offered by all branches of the military. Start your credit recommendation search now.