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​​​​​​​Support the American Council on Education (ACE) in building an inclusive, dynamic, and resilient higher education sector. Your gift to ACE will shape the future of U.S. higher education and build on a century of progress.​​​​

A Legacy of Leadership

Throughout its 101-year history, ACE has touched millions of higher education leaders and students by increasing affordability, access, and diversity in leadership. ACE has significantly influenced the higher education landscape. Founded in 1918 to mobilize higher education to assist the nation during World War I, ACE has a rich history that includes many important milestones.

The Council leads efforts to raise national awareness of the importance of greater diversity within higher education. ACE’s professional development programs for women and other diverse leaders, its ACE Fellows Program, and other initiatives have strengthened and diversified the pipeline to higher education leadership. Today, many diverse higher education leaders credit their professional growth to their ACE training.

As we chart a course for ACE's next century, your charitable support will help ACE to expand innovation, diversity, and inclusion in U.S. higher education.

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Shaping Leadership and Practice

ACE formed the Learning and Engagement Division in 2019 to transform professional learning across higher education and to unite its professional development, research, internationalization, education attainment, and academic innovation offerings under a single umbrella.

As part of this realignment, ACE launched ENGAGE®, a robust, peer-to-peer online professional learning platform, coupled with Transformation Labs, Regional Summits in four U.S. regions focused on topics of interest to leaders, and other resources.

With this realignment, together with stakeholders in higher education, philanthropy, and other sectors, ACE is working to strengthen and diversify senior leadership, enhance learning networks, expand postsecondary education pathways, and close gaps in completion for students.

Your gift to ACE will shape the future of U.S. higher education and build on a century of progress.

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Donate Now
Donate Now
​​​​​​Charitable contributions help ACE invest in future higher education leaders who reflect the diversity of today’s students. Donations also allow ACE to develop research and programming that push higher education to new heights.​​​​​​​​
Corporate Engagement
Corporate Engagement
​​​​​​​​​ACE works closely with organizations to advance programs that strengthen the higher education community.​​ Learn more about partnering with us.
Foundation Support
Foundation Support
ACE works with many of the nation’s leading foundations and other organizations to strengthen student success, expand the leadership pipeline, and ensure an equitable, diverse, and resilient higher education sector.
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