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Celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride<img alt="Photo of a graduating student wearing a mortar board cap with rainbow colors" src="/PublishingImages/Interior-Page-Heroes/pride-hero.jpg?RenditionID=10" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" /><div class="ExternalClass2A6A40E08550407FA15BBEF02E41B35A">This June, ACE recognizes Pride Month. We celebrate the achievements and resilience of LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff, and we acknowledge the work that remains to ensure inclusion, equality, and representation across campuses and in the world.</div>
Become an ACE Member Today, Learn More<img alt="Photo of students milling on Georgia State University campus lawn at admissions event" src="/PublishingImages/Interior-Page-Heroes/Georgia-State_2018_20180412_MLB_Spring_Admissions_0132.jpg?RenditionID=10" style="BORDER&#58;0px solid;" /><div class="ExternalClass5405538A88E549749D995A7282CA3B1C"><p>When your organization becomes an ACE member, you benefit from advocacy, research, briefings, and leadership development programming. Join&#160;a wide range of higher education institutions, associations, and partners—become a member today!</p></div>Georgia State University, ACE member since 1963

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