Council of Fellows


​The Council of Fellows coordinates the activities of the Fellows Program alumni. The 2021–22 chair is Richard Helldobler (2005−06), President, William Paterson University (NJ).

The Council of Fellows Board's priorities include:

  • Annually reviewing and establishing COF priorities.
  • Annually reviewing the preceding year's income and expenditures of the COF, and approving the operating budget and budget priorities for the coming year.
  • Providing direct accountability to the COF, and thereby to the ACE president and vice presidents, through the director of the ACE Fellows Program.
  • Meeting in person during the ACE Annual Meeting.
Council of Fellows Board Members

Kenya Ayers-Palmore, Chair
President, Tarrant County College Northeast Campus (TX), and ACE Fellow 2015–16

Michael “Mickey” McDonald, Chair-Elect
President, Great Lakes Colleges Association (MI), and ACE Fellow 2001–02

Richard J. Helldobler, Immediate Past Chair
President, William Paterson University (NJ) and ACE Fellow 2005–06

Kara M. Rabbitt, Secretary
Associate Provost for Academic Initiatives, William Paterson University (NJ), and ACE Fellow 2019–20

Richard Helldobler, Chair
President, William Paterson University (NJ), and ACE Fellow 2005−06

Kenya Ayers-Palmore, Chair-Elect
President of Tarrant County College Northeast Campus (TX), and ACE Fellow 2015-16

Michelle Behr, Immediate Past Chair
Former Chancellor, University of Minnesota Morris, and ACE Fellow 2005−06

Anne Bartlett, Secretary
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Saint Elizabeth University (NJ), and ACE Fellow 2011-12

Emmanuel B. Awuah (2008–2009), Vice President of Academic Affairs for St. Cloud Technical & Community College (Professional Development Committee)

Carlos A. González-Campos, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation, CETYS University (Outreach and Engagement)

Jim Fatzinger (2011-12), Tenure-Track Faculty Management, Marketing, and International Business and President, Kentucky Fulbright Association (Outreach and Engagement Committee)

Rosalyn Hobson Hargraves (2019-20), Division Director of the Division of Undergraduate Education, National Science Foundation (Finance and Development Committee)

Karen D. Morgan (2018-19), Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Johnson C. Smith University (Finance and Development Committee)

Stephen Turner (2015-16), Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Programs at The University of Michigan-Flint (Professional Development)

Individual Class Board Members

Michelle Behr (2005-06), Former Chancellor, University of Minnesota—Morris

Risa Dickson (2008–09), Former Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs, Palo Alto University and Professor, University of Hawaii at Hilo

Joel Frater (2013-14), Former Executive Dean, Downtown Campus, Monroe Community College

Douglas J. Fiore (2012-13), President, Mercy College of Health Sciences

Carlos H. Garcia (2005-06), Director of Institutional Advancement, System, CETYS University

Lori S. Gonzalez (2002–03), Executive Vice President and University Provost at University of Louisville

Rhonda M. Gonzales (2014–15), Dean, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences at University of Denver

Andrew T.  Hsu (2008–09), President, The College of Charleston (SC)

Cindy Kelley (2008-09), President, Madisonville Community College

Kevin Rolle (2012-13), Former Chief of Staff, Alabama State University

George Timmons (2012-13), Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs, Columbia Greene Community College

Yvonne C. Umphrey (1999-2000), Professor and Provost, Saint Augustine's University

James Applegate (1994–95), Visiting Professor, Illinois State University

Anne Bartlett (2011-12), Vice President for Academic Affairs, Saint Elizabeth University (NJ)

Denise Battles (2000–01), President, SUNY Geneseo

Sandra Haynes (2010–11), Chancellor, Washington State University – Tri Cities

Fayneese Miller (2004–05), President, Hamline University

Anny Morrobel-Sosa (1998–99), Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, University of Wisconsin System Office

Sarah Pfatteicher (2016–17), Executive Director, Five Colleges, Inc.

Lawrence Potter (2009–10), Provost, University of the District of Columbia

Nicholas Santilli (2003–04), Senior Director for Learning Strategy, Society for College and University Planning

Monique Snowden (2015–16), Senior Vice Chancellor for Strategic Enrollment & Student Success, University of Colorado Denver

Juanita Cole (2019-20), Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, California State University, Monterey Bay

Gary B. Crosby (2019-20), President, Saint Elizabeth University (NJ)

Lowell K. Davis (2018-19), Vice Chancellor-Elect for Student Affairs at the University of North Carolina Wilmington

Jacqueline El-Sayed (2008-09), Chief Academic Officer, American Society for Engineering Education (DC)

Yolanda Barbier Gibson (2018-19), Vice President for Student Affairs, Shenandoah University (VA)

Jeremy Haefner (2006-07), Chancellor, University of Denver

Michael (Mickey) McDonald (2001-02), President, Great Lakes Colleges Association (MI)

Fay Cobb Payton (2009-10), Professor, Information Technology and Analytics, North Carolina State University

Adolfo Santos (2011-12), Assistant Provost, University Higher Education Center, Texas A&M University

Council of Fellows Committees

This committee presents an annual report and proposes an annual budget for the COF. In addition, this committee is responsible for managing the Annual Fund and other fund-raising projects, upon assignment by the Executive Committee; reviewing the COF's fund-raising needs and making recommendations to the Executive Committee.

Supporting the Fellows Program and Alumnae/i Activities

  • Council of Fellows Annual Fund supports the activities of your alumni/ae organization, the Council of Fellows, including professional development programs, communication among former Fellows, and marketing of the Fellows Program.
  • Fund for the Future is a quasi-endowment fund used exclusively to support recruiting and providing scholarship support for nominating institutions.
  • Marlene Ross COF Institutional Grant is designed to support, enhance, and sustain the institutional diversity within the Fellows program by providing financial assistance to nominating institutions in need of institutional aid to support an ACE Fellow. This grant will support the development of leaders for our colleges and universities and allow the ACE Fellows Program to remain strong and inclusive for years to come.
  • Fellows Legacy Circle is a planned giving effort which will help support the longevity of the ACE Fellows Program.

Current Co-Chairs

Chair: Karen D. Morgan -

Co-Chair: Roslyn Hobson Hargraves -

This committee plans, coordinates, evaluates, and promotes the continuing professional development activities of the COF. The Professional Development Committee also plans the professional development workshops at the COF Weekend and the ACE Annual Meeting.

Current Co-Chairs

Chair: Stephen Turner -

Co-Chair: Emmanuel Awuah -

This committee serves as a bridge among prospective, current, and former Fellows and is responsible for:

  • Support Fellows Program marketing and recruitment strategies.
  • Periodically reviewing the Council of Fellows Bylaws and recommending bylaws changes to the Executive Committee.

Current Co-Chairs

Chair: Jim Fatzinger -

Co-Chair: Carlos A. González-Campos -