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Chief Academic Officer Survey Infographics

December 30, 1899


The Chief Academic Officer (CAO) Survey Infographic Series highlights results from ACE Center for Policy Research and Strategy's most recent Chief Academic Officer (CAO) Survey. Conducted every 4 years, the survey monitors any significant shifts in the personal characteristics, career paths and aspirations, and core responsibilities of Chief Academic Officers in all sectors of higher education in the nation. The infographics below provide data on CAOs' backgrounds, professional pathways, and job duties and tenure, as well as characteristics of women CAOs.

Infographics in the Series

     Chief Academic Officer Survey: CAO Background

Utilizing data from ACE's Chief Academic Officer (CAO) Survey, this infographic profiles today's Chief Academic Officers by degree attainment, field of study, gender, and race and ethnicity.



     Chief Academic Officer Survey: CAO Professional Pathways

This infographic provides data on the professional trajectory of Chief Academic Officers in order to understand their training needs as well as their career transitions and aspirations.



     Chief Academic Officer Survey: The CAO Job

The CAO Job infographic outlines the job tenure, priorities, activities, and frustrations associated with the Chief Academic Officer position.



     Chief Academic Officer Survey: Women CAOs

This infographic focuses on the job priorities, career progression and presidential aspirations  specific to female Chief Academic Officers.

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