Higher Ed Spotlight: Basic Facts About Higher Education and How Students Finance Their Education
April 05, 2017

​ACE’S Center for Policy and Research Strategy has released updated versions of two 2015 infographics using the most recent publicly available data as part of its ongoing Higher Ed Spotlight series.

Basic Facts About U.S. Higher Education Today unpacks the diversity of the current higher education landscape by presenting data on the increase in the number of institutions, students and degree production over the past decade. The infographic also reports on a selection of student outcomes, the widespread payoffs of a college education and the current profile of the typical college student. 

Paying for College provides critical information about the breakdown of the true costs of college, including what students actually pay and what kind of support is available to them. The infographic shows the average tuition prices for several institutional types as well as the types of aid, such as institutional grants, Pell Grants and federal loans, as well as the number of total recipients and the average award given. It also shows the continuing decline of state support for higher education. 

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