The Array School of Technology and Design, or simply just called Array, is Wyoming's first private accelerated coding school. We are located in the heart of downtown Cheyenne. Our curriculum and classroom culture are designed to take any age or experience and transform them into professional front-end or back-end engineers. Our team consists of some of the most exceptional local leaders, entrepreneurs, and tech industry veterans. Our mission is nothing short of delivering a world-class educational experience that gives our students a new skill set to become great new employees in the technology industry. Our vision is to build a world-class coding, technology, and design school in the heart of downtown Cheyenne. A community of thinkers, doers, and entrepreneurs who share the vision and passion for creating beautiful things and moving our society forward. It will be our mission to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary by delivering best in class, hands-on, practical education in technology, business, and design; providing access to opportunities that build skills & confidence in one's career; creating new opportunities for the city, state, and local businesses to fill their tech hiring needs; engaging students and community in open discussions and workshops; promoting the importance of computer science education from K-12, college, and post-secondary education; building a local network of entrepreneurs, industry partners, and participants invested in each other’s success; and designing an environment that fosters creativity, community building, and innovation where we all want to come, learn, and work.

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04/01/2021 to 03/31/2024
Recommended credits: 6
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Full Stack Web Developer
Full Stack Web Developer
The Array School of Technology and Design