Course Summary
Credit Type:
Self-paced, 19 hours
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Credit Recommendation & Competencies
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Lower-Division Baccalaureate 1 Introduction to Cloud Computing or Cloud Computing Fundamentals


The course objective is to help prepare learners for the CCNA Cloud - Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals (CLDFND) certification exam.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the two software components of Cisco CloudCenter and the tenant administrative tasks they perform
  • Describe Software-Defined Networking, benefits and shortcomings in the cloud virtualized environment
  • Describe the differences between the NAS and SAN storage access technologies
  • Describe file access technologies, including Extended file systems, FAT and NTFS, and file permissions
  • Describe cloud service models and contrast them with cloud deployments
  • Define IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud deployment models
  • Describe community and hybrid cloud deployment models, including how they compare to the public and private cloud models
  • Describe the features and benefits of Cisco CloudCenter for the hybrid cloud solution
  • Describe server virtualization and the technologies used to make it work and use server virtualization management tools
  • Describe Virtual Networking Services such as Virtual Security Gateway, Cisco CSR 1000v, and Citrix NetScaler 1000v
  • Describe VLANs and VXLANs and how they are used by cloud providers to overcome regular VLAN limits
  • Define the roles of virtualization, Virtual Port Channels, Fabric Extenders, Cisco Algo Boost, and device licensing in Cisco Unified Fabric
  • Describe proven solutions for infrastructure and the benefits of FlexPod, VBlocks, VSPEX, and OpenBlocks

General Topics:

  • CLDFND: Cloud Characteristics
  • CLDFND: Cloud Service Models
  • CLDFND: IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • CLDFND: Public and Private Cloud Deployment Models
  • CLDFND: Community and Hybrid Cloud
  • CLDFND: Cisco CloudCenter
  • CLDFND: Cisco CloudCenter Components
  • CLDFND: Cisco UCS
  • CLDFND: Server and Infrastructure Virtualization
  • CLDFND: Cisco Cloud Virtualization
  • CLDFND: Virtual Networking Services
  • CLDFND: Virtual Application Containers
  • CLDFND: Cisco Unified Fabric
  • CLDFND: Software-Defined Networking
  • CLDFND: Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure
  • CLDFND: Storage Provisioning
  • CLDFND: Storage Access Technologies
  • CLDFND: Block and File Storage Access
  • CLDFND: SAN, NAS, and Cisco Storage Network Devices
  • CLDFND: Integrated Infrastructure and Cisco InterCloud Fabric
Instruction & Assessment

Instructional Strategies:

  • Computer Based Training
  • Practical Exercises

Methods of Assessment:

  • Examinations
  • Quizzes

Minimum Passing Score:

Supplemental Materials