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This is a self-paced course. Students have up to 60 days to complete
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Lower-Division Baccalaureate 3 Art History


The course objective is to build a mastery of the basic art history elements of the Western world from prehistoric to early Renaissance times. Students will explore art exhibits, analyze buildings and architecture, and examine art in everyday life.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify methods used to evaluate artwork
  • Characterize the art and architecture from prehistoric times through early Renaissance
  • Analyze various works of art according to specific criteria
  • Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to describe art history
  • Recognize movements that have been significant in art history
  • Understand the cultural significance of various works of art
  • And recognize traits attributed to art in various regions of the world

General Course Topics:

  • What is art history
  • Careers in art history
  • Art history and other disciplines
  • Understanding the difference between media
  • Painting
  • Drawing, printmaking, and photography
  • Sculpture
  • Architecture
  • Experimental media
  • New media
  • Form and shape
  • Composition
  • Color
  • Line
  • Texture and tactility
  • Symmetry
  • Perspective
  • Space and volume
  • Style
  • Subject matter
  • Iconography
  • Prehistoric art
  • Art of the ancient near east
  • Ancient Egyptian art
  • Art of the Aegean civilization
  • The art of ancient Greece
  • Roman and Etruscan art
  • Art of ancient India
  • Early Christian art and architecture
  • Byzantine art and architecture
  • Islamic art and architecture
  • Asian art and architecture
  • Art of the ancient Americas
  • Early Medieval and Romanesque art and architecture and Gothic architecture
  • Late Gothic/early Renaissance art and architecture
Instruction & Assessment

Instructional Strategies:

  • Audio Visual Materials
  • Case Studies
  • Computer Based Training
  • Lectures
  • Practical Exercises

Methods of Assessment:

  • Case Studies
  • Examinations
  • Quizzes

Minimum Passing Score:

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