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Self-paced. Students have 60 days with a 30-day extension (if needed) to complete the course
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Lower-Division Baccalaureate 3 college algebra


The course objective is to build mastery around linear, non-linear, and other mathematical functions that include algebraic, graphic, and numeric properties. Students will demonstrate the application of these concepts to the real life scenarios.

Learning Outcomes:

  • perform mathematical functions involving real numbers
  • apply mathematical concepts to linear equations, inequalities, and series/sequences
  • apply mathematical concepts to linear representations and systems of linear equations and inequalities
  • apply mathematical concepts to algebraic expressions and quadratic equations
  • apply mathematical concepts to functions and non-linear equations

General Topics:

  • Discovering number types
  • Understanding absolute value and radicals
  • Performing operations with integers, exponents, negative exponents, rational exponents, radical operations, complex numbers, rational expressions, logarithms, functions, and polynomials
  • Simplifying algebraic expressions
  • Applying rules of equations
  • Discovering arithmetic series and sequences
  • Solving single variable equations, single variable inequalities, absolute value equations and inequalities, systems of linear equations, systems of linear inequalities, quadratic equations, and quadratic inequalities
  • Applying an understanding of slope
  • Writing linear equations
  • Graphing linear equations and linear inequalities
  • Factoring polynomials
  • Representing quadratics
  • Determining inverse functions
  • Representing and solving exponential equations
  • Discovering geometric series and sequences
  • Performing operations with logarithms
Instruction & Assessment

Instructional Strategies:

  • Audio Visual Materials
  • Case Studies
  • Computer Based Training
  • Lectures
  • Practical Exercises

Methods of Assessment:

  • Case Studies
  • Examinations
  • Quizzes

Minimum Passing Score:

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