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Upper-Division Baccalaureate 3 Law Enforcement
Credit is recommended for examinees with scores of 400 and above.


The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. It is administered to test takers without time limits; however, most test takers complete the examination within 90 minutes.

Skills Measured:

(Approximate Percentage of Examination by Content Area):12% History and professional movement of law enforcement-pre-colonial heritage and contemporary forces of change;contributions of Wilson, Vollmer, and others; 20% Overview of United States criminal justice system-role of courts; role of police; role of corrections; the criminal justice process; measurement of crime (e.g., UCR, NCVS); 20% Police systems in the United States- federal (FBI, CIA, Treasury agents); state; local; special district police agencies (e.g., housing, transportation); role of police (order-maintenance, arresting, service); 35% Police organization, management, and issues-operations; community relations;police issues; community policing; women and other minorities in policing; 13% United States law and precedents-the Constitution and Bill of Rights Supreme Court decisions (e.g., Miranda v. Arizona; Mapp v. Ohio; Escobedo v.Illinois; the exclusionary rule).
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