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Lower-Division Baccalaureate 6 for examinees with a score of 3 or above


3 hours for the examination. Students demonstrate achievement of AP Art History learning objectives by applying their art historical knowledge and skills to address course content. Using works of art studied within the required set of 250 works, or works they chose to study beyond the required content, students have many opportunities to evidence their understanding of art historical concepts. A single exam question is likely to encompass multiple learning objectives and may address works of art from different content areas. This underscores the exam's focus on assessing students' in-depth critical analysis of relationships among works of art, art historical concepts, and global cultures.

Skills Measured:

Functions and effects of art are the focus of the AP Art History course; students consider influential forces like patronage, politics, class, belief, gender, and ethnicity in their analysis of art forms; they examine styles, techniques, themes, and chronology, comparing and contrasting art forms from varied perspectives; students explore a specific set of 250 works of art in 10 content areas beginning with art from global prehistory and ending with global works from the present
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