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Lower-Division Baccalaureate 1 Computer Applications, Information Technology or Computer Information Systems


This certification exam was developed based on a product task analysis that defined the skills required to use Microsoft Outlook to manage the Outlook environment, create and format item content, manage email messages, mange contacts, manage calendar objects, and work with tasks, notes, and journal entries at a minimally competent level for a specialist-level user. This exam consists of 38 performance-based, exam items. Examinees are given 50 minutes to complete the exam, which is delivered using the live Microsoft Outlook application.

Skills Measured:

Approximate percentage of examination by content area:11% Managing the Outlook environment: Apply and manipulate Outlook program options; Manipulate item tags; Arrange the Content Pane; Apply the search and filter tools; Print an Outlook item.22% Creating and formatting item content: Create and send an e-mail message; Create and manage Quick Steps; Create item content; Format item content; Attach content to an email message.26% Managing email messages: Clean up the mailbox; Create and manage rules; Manage junk mail; Manage automatic message content.15% Managing Contacts: Create and manipulate contacts; Create and manipulate contact groups.17% Managing Calendar Objects: Create and manipulate appointments or events; Create and manipulate meeting requests; Manipulate the Calendar pane.9% Working with Tasks, Notes, and Journal Entries: Create and manipulate tasks; Create and manipulate Notes; Create and manipulate Journal entries.
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