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Lower-Division Baccalaureate 6 respective target language


The STAMP 4S and the APT (Arabic Proficiency Test) assessments are computer-adaptive assessments of real-world language proficiency across each of the four language domains: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Their multistage adaptive system is able to adapt the difficulty of the test questions in real time based on test-taker responses, ensuring a more accurate measure of their language skills as well as providing for a better test-taking experience. At the end of the assessments, each student receives an ACTFL-scale-aligned proficiency score for each of the four language domains as well as advice on how to move on to the next level of proficiency in the language being assessed. A proficiency of Intermediate-Low is one of the possible scores achievable in the STAMP 4S and APT adaptive assessments.

Skills Measured:

The STAMP 4S and APT assessments measure proficiency in the language being assessed across a wide range of real-world topics, scenarios, and text types. The topics that students will be measured on will depend, to a large extent, on the path they take through the STAMP 4S or APT adaptive algorithm, in which test questions become easier or harder depending on the student's performance. Examples of topics at each of the three main levels are: NOVICE-LEVEL TOPICS: Self, Pets, Calendar, Colors, Family, Friends, Weather, School, Daily Routines, Shopping, Leisure, etc. INTERMEDIATE-LEVEL TOPICS: Health, Holidays, Occupations, Future Plans, Culture, Transportation, etc. ADVANCED-LEVEL TOPICS: Contemporary Issues, Current Events, Opinions, Politics, Science, Arts, etc. If students achieve a score/classification of Intermediate-Low at the end of the STAMP 4S or APT assessment, that means that they have demonstrated enough vocabulary, language control, and communication strategies to successfully handle some of the domains; functions; context and content; and text types listed in the ACTFL descriptors documentation for the intermediate level, as well as successfully met the demands shown through the "can-do" statements for the Intermediate-Low level of language proficiency in the NCSSFL-ACTFL "Can-Do Statements" document.

NB: This credit recommendation applies to all STAMP 4S languages as well as to the APT (Arabic Proficiency Test).
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