Earn a Microcredential in Sustainable Business Models Through ACE Workshop
February 22, 2021

​​​Registration is now open for a four-session workshop on “Creating Sustainable Business Models for the Post-Pandemic Campus,” with an optional opportunity to earn a microcredential at the end.

This workshop will share best practices from the field regarding sustainable business models behind academic portfolios, student success initiatives, and administrative services. These best practices will be discussed within the framework of return on investment (ROI), with an emphasis on advancing institutional mission. Participants will be invited to create action plans supporting ROI approaches at their own institutions, increasing their chances of moving to a longer-term, sustainable shared future vision.

The sessions will take place March 30, April 6, April 13, and April 27, each at 1-2:30 p.m. ET on ACE Engage®. They will cover, respectively, moving from spending to an ROI lens, taking a deeper dive into ROI, creating an ROI action plan, and putting ROI into action. The course will be of particular benefit to faculty and staff who manage institutional resources such as people, time, and money.

Participants may complete an optional assignment for each session and receive constructive feedback from course facilitators on how to improve and shape their work. Those who complete all of the assignments will receive an ACE Strategic Finance microcredential—issued as an open digital badge—which they can add to their CV, LinkedIn profile, and Credly Acclaim.

The workshops are the latest in a series of Strategic Finance learning opportunities presented by ACE Engage in partnership with Rick Staisloff and rpkGroup.

​Creating Sustainable Business Models for the Post-Pandemic Campus

March 30-April 27, 2021 on ACE Engage®

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