Workshop Series Will Help Leaders Take Action to Improve Diversity of Faculty, Staff
December 18, 2020

College and university leaders interested in beginning, or accelerating, their path toward creating a more racially diverse workforce should sign up for a new ACE workshop, the first in a series that will focus on strategies to increase diversity, happening on ACE Engage®.

This four-hour workshop (including two two-hour sessions), “Taking Action on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education: Faculty and Staff Diversity,” will be grounded in research pulled from ACE’s Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education project as well as CUPA-HR research into the demographics, compensation, and career trajectories of college and university faculty and staff.  

The workshop facilitators are Andy Brantley, president and CEO of CUPA-HR, and Kimberly Griffin, professor and associate dean of graduate studies and faculty affairs at the University of Maryland. Together, they will help college and university leaders determine the right questions to ask and connect them with tools to formulate an actionable plan.

ACE’s seminal publication, “Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education: A Status Report” and the recently published supplement shows that faculty and staff diversity has not kept up with the growing diversity of the student body. This workshop will be especially valuable for academic administrators who work with multiple departments and programs, such as assistant/associate deans and assistant/associate provosts.

ACE Engage workshops are digital active-learning experiences led by top experts, through which higher education leaders will hone new skills, connect with peers, and plan how to put knowledge into action.

Session 1: First Steps

January 19, Noon-2:00 p.m. ET

Drawing on research and on their experiences at institutions around the country, Griffin and Brantley will engage workshop participants, working with national data, key indicators, and critical concepts for understanding the challenges and barriers to increasing workforce diversity on their campuses. Participants will leave the session having determined at least one key action they will take before the second session to move toward solutions.

Session 2: Next Steps

February 9, Noon-2:00 p.m. ET

Workshop participants will openly reflect with the workshop facilitators on what they learned from the actions they took after session 1 and determine where to focus subsequent efforts. Workshop leaders will share resources and opportunities for deepening learning and getting support—from experts and each other—as participants put their plans into action after the workshop.

This four-hour workshop (including both two-hour sessions) is $149 for ACE members and CUPR-HR members; $199 for nonmembers.

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