ICDL Foundation, also known as ECDL Foundation, is an international organisation dedicated to raising digital competence standards in the workforce , education and society. Our certification programmes, delivered through an active network in more than 100 countries, enable individuals and organisations to assess, build and certify their competence in the use of computers and digital tools to the globally-recognised ICDL standard, known as ECDL in Europe.As a nonprofit social enterprise ICDL Foundation benefits from the unique support of experts from national computer societies and partners worldwide to develop vendor-independent standards which define the skills and knowledge required to use digital technology effectively. We work with education and training partners, local and regional authorities, national governments, international development organisations as well as public and private sector employers in all sectors, in the delivery of our programmes.The quality and reputation of ICDL is built on 20 years of experience in delivering our certification programmes to over 15 million people and in more than 40 languages worldwide, with more than 2.5 million ICDL tests taken annually. Our success is maintained by our ongoing innovation in certification programme development, our commitment to rigorous test design methodologies, and consistent adherence to our quality assurance standards.

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ECDL / ICDL Advanced SpreadsheetsECDL-0001 10/01/201709/30/20202
ECDL / ICDL ComputingECDL-0002 10/01/201709/30/20202
ECDL / ICDL PresentationECDL-0004 10/01/201709/30/20201
ECDL / ICDL SpreadsheetsECDL-0005 10/01/201709/30/20201
ECDL / ICDL Word ProcessingECDL-0006 10/01/201709/30/20201