Microsoft is constantly looking for new ways to create unconventional on-ramps for talent to leverage the skills and experiences of talent from outside of the traditional academic path.

Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program's mission is to recruit, develop, and train non-traditional talent (without a 4-year computer science degree) for employability into the technology industry worldwide. Leap recruits and develops diverse talent from non-traditional sources. Microsoft Leap Software Engineer Apprenticeship Program: As part of the Microsoft, apprentices deliver technologies and solutions for Microsoft products and services. Apprentices can be found in organizations such as Azure, Xbox, Bing, and Office365. In 2015, the Leap Program was launched to introduce more people to work in the tech industry. The program offers an immersive 16-week apprenticeship for those who have a base foundation of technical training. This apprenticeship program combines in-classroom learning with hands-on engineering projects and team projects. Leap participants are change catalysts and change multipliers: they bring a diverse set of personal experiences and cognitive abilities to their work as well as to their colleagues and communities at Microsoft. They play a vital role in advancing engineering processes, accelerating innovation and activating inclusion as a part of Microsoft culture.

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ACE ID: MLS-0068
May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2026
Recommended credits: 15
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Microsoft Leap Classic SWE Apprenticeship
Microsoft Leap Classic SWE Apprenticeship
Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program
TitleCourse/Exam NumberActive DatesTotal Credits
Microsoft Leap Classic SWE ApprenticeshipACE ID: MLS-0068May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2026Recommended credits: 15