Course Summary
Credit Type:
12 weeks
Dates Offered:
Credit Recommendation & Competencies
Level Credits (SH) Subject
Upper-Division Baccalaureate 3 Special Education


The course objective is for teachers to expand their knowledge of assessment with regards to the special needs classroom or inclusive classroom. Students will be able to identify and evaluate the appropriateness of various assessment formats.

Learning Outcomes:

  • demonstrate competence in effective listening and communication skills
  • apply knowledge of teaching as a reflective process
  • understand the make-up of standardized tests commonly used to determine eligibility for special education
  • apply knowledge to assess their students' skills and abilities
  • guide teachers on how to use assessment to go beyond predictions about students and their abilities

General Topics:

  • Assessment in social and educational contexts and decision-making in schools
  • Laws, ethical codes, and standards
  • Test scores and how to use them
  • Reliability and validity and cultural and linguistic considerations
  • Test adaptations and accommodations and teacher-made tests of achievement
  • Assessing behavior and monitoring student progress
  • Managing assessment in RTI and MTSS
  • Test evaluation and multi-skill devices
  • Diagnostic measures for reading and math
  • Measures of written language and intelligence
  • Using measures of social and emotional behavior and making instructional decisions
  • Making eligibility decisions and accountability programs
  • Collaborative team decision-making
Instruction & Assessment

Instructional Strategies:

  • Classroom Exercise
  • Learner Presentations
  • Lectures
  • Practical Exercises

Methods of Assessment:

  • Presentations
  • Quizzes

Minimum Passing Score:

Supplemental Materials