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14 weeks (75 hours)
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Lower-Division Baccalaureate 3 Business Communication


The course objective is for students to learn how to effectively communicate in a variety of business contexts, and across both traditional and new media conditions. Through a series of readings and assignments that reflect the needs of a 21st century workforce, students will develop an understanding of the importance of clear and concise communication skills, and their practical use in a diverse range of professional settings, including written, video, internet, and email modalities.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Design a variety of business communication documents, including a yes/no email, persuasive business memo, résumé and mini professional profile, written cover-letter, and video cover letter/extended elevator pitch with a written communication self-reflection
  • Create, analyze, and integrate credible research into business communications
  • Integrate appropriate formatting to business documents, including headings, design, documentation, and multimodal components
  • Analyze business communication choices, reflecting on areas of strength and opportunities for growth
  • Formulate effective communication choices about tone, style, audience, and form, and successfully implement these choices within a wide-range of business communications
  • Create professionally compelling, multimodal content across a variety of traditional and new media
  • Demonstrate effective business writing skills, including clarity, concision, and correctness
  • Demonstrate an awareness of business ethics, and the communicative choices that guide both ethical and logical decisions
  • Apply communication strategies to understand intercultural and intergenerational communication, prejudice, and ethnocentrism
  • Explore how to effectively communicate in a 21st century workplace environment, and within a variety of business contexts

General Topics:

  • Effective Business Communications
  • Delivering Your Message: Verbal and Nonverbal Strategies
  • Understanding your Audience
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Writing Preparation
  • Writing
  • Revising and Presenting your Writing
  • Feedback in the Writing Process
  • Business Writing in Action
  • Communication to Inform
  • Communication to Persuade
  • Communicating to Varied Audiences: Intercultural and Intergenerational Communication
  • Group Communication, Teamwork and Leadership
Instruction & Assessment

Instructional Strategies:

  • Audio Visual Materials
  • Computer Based Training
  • Practical Exercises

Methods of Assessment:

  • Presentations
  • Quizzes
  • Written Papers

Minimum Passing Score:

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