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Upper-Division Baccalaureate 3 History Of The Soviet Union
Credit is recommended for candidates scoring 400 and above.


DSST History of the Soviet Union is a multiple-choice exam developed to enable schools to award credit to students for knowledge equivalent to that learned by students taking the course. This exam covers Russia under the old regime, the revolutionary period, new economic policy, pre-war Stalinism, World War II, post-war Stalinism, the Khrushchev years, the Brezhnev era and reform and collapse.Content specifications for the exam were developed and approved by a panel of subject matter experts, all U.S. accredited college faculty members who are teaching or have taught a like course within the prior 3 years.

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The skills measured include 10 percent: Russia Under the Old Regime - governing institutions, economics, culture and society, foreign affairs, and revolutionary movements; 12 percent: the Revolutionary Period (1914 - 1921) - the first world war, February/March revolution, interim, Bolshevik Revolution, Civil War, and new economic policy; 13 percent: Prewar Stalinism - collectivization, industrialization, reign of terror, culture, and nationalities; 14 percent: The Second World War: prewar foreign relations, the course of the war, the impact of the war, settlements of WWII and the origins of the cold war; 11 percent: Postwar Stalinism - reconstruction, Nationalism, arms race, cold war Europe, cold war Asia; 10 percent: the Khrushchev years - succession struggle, de-stalinizaton, Soviet relations with US under Khrushchev, rift with China, and the proxy wars; 10 percent: The Brezhnev era - growth and stagnation, ideological dissent, detente, proxy wars in the third world, and war in Afghanistan; and 20 percent: reform and collapse - global challengers, external factors, perestroika and glasnost, reemergence of the nationalities issue, revolutions in eastern Europe, end of the union of soviet socialist republics, and Gorbachev's legacy.
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