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SPAN 101
Self-paced (180 days)
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Vocational-Certificate 3 Spanish language


The course objective is to expose beginning Spanish students to the Spanish language and culture. The goal is to inspire the student to learn more about the richness of language and culture in the Spanish-speaking world. Students will learn foundational grammar and vocabulary, develop listening skills, and look at some of the culture associated with the language, especially in Latin America

Learning Outcomes:

  • identify noun gender and use appropriate articles and modify adjectives to match noun gender
  • pronounce words correctly and use accent marks when necessary in written Spanish
  • use subject pronouns, knowing when to use 'usted' instead of 'tú'
  • speak in the present tense and correctly conjugate regular verbs, irregular verbs, and stem-changing verbs
  • talk about the future using the verb 'ir' to say they are 'going to' do something
  • use cognates to quickly increase vocabulary
  • ask questions using interrogative words such as who, what, when, where, why, and how
  • count to one hundred
  • differentiate between the use of 'saber' and the use of 'conocer'
  • correctly use 'ser' and 'estar' when translating the English verb 'to be.'
  • tell time and talk about time
  • discuss ownership using 'de,' possessive adjectives, and 'tener,' and many special uses of the verb 'tener'
  • talk about days and months, academic subjects, places in a city, fun activities, chores and items around the house and classroom, and the weather and seasons
  • describe people's physical characteristics as well as their personality

General Topics:

  • Noun gender
  • Indefinite and definite articles
  • Pluralizing nouns
  • Using accent marks
  • Adjective/noun agreement and adjective placement
  • Regular present tense verb conjugation
  • Using "ser" and "estar"
  • Telling time
  • Discussing ownership
  • Using "tener"
  • "saber" vs. "conocer"
  • Using "ir" and "venir"
  • Conjugating stem-changers and irregular verbs
Instruction & Assessment

Instructional Strategies:

  • Audio Visual Materials
  • Lectures

Methods of Assessment:

  • Examinations
  • Quizzes

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