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Lower-Division Baccalaureate 3 Computer Programming or Computer Science
This exam contains 44 questions with a minimum cut score of 700.


(44 questions, 45 mins). Candidates for this exam require instruction and/or hands-on experience (150 hours) with Java, are familiar with its features and capabilities, and understand how to write, debug, and maintain well-formed, well documented Java code. This entry level certification is intended for application developers working with Java. The code used in the exam is Java SE, and the syntax used in this exam is compatible with Java 6 SE through the most recent release.

Skills Measured:

Upon completion of this exam, students will have demonstrated the ability to describe the use of main in a Java application; perform basic input and output using standard packages; evaluate the scope of a variable; declare and use primitive data type variables; construct and evaluate code that manipulates strings; construct and evaluate code that creates, iterate, and manipulates arrays and array lists; construct and evaluate code that performs parsing, casting and conversion; construct and evaluate arithmetic expressions; construct and evaluate code that uses branching statements; construct and evaluate code that uses loops; construct and evaluate a class definition; declare, implement, and access data members in a class; declare, implement, and access methods; instantiate and use a class object in a program; troubleshoot syntax errors, logic errors, and runtime errors; and implement exception handling.
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