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Lower-Division Baccalaureate 1 Computer Applications, Information Technology or Computer Information Systems


This certification exam was developed based on a product task analysis that defined the skills required to use Microsoft Excel to share and maintain workbooks; apply formulas and functions; present data visually; and work with macros and forms at a minimally competent level for an expert-level user. This exam consists of 29 performance-based exam items. Examinees are given 50 minutes to complete the exam, which is delivered using the live Microsoft Excel application.

Skills Measured:

Approximate percentage of examination by content area:21% Sharing and Maintaining Workbooks: Apply workbook settings, Properties, and data options; Apply protection and sharing properties to workbooks and worksheets; Maintain shared workbooks.34% Applying Formulas and Functions: Audit Formulas; Manipulate formula options; Perform Data Summary Tasks; Apply functions in formulas.30% Presenting Data Visually: Apply advanced chart features; Apply data analysis; Create and manipulate PivotTables; Create and manipulate PivotCharts.15% Working with Macros and Forms: Create and manipulate macros; Insert and manipulate form controls.
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