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2 days, 14 hours
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Credit Recommendation & Competencies
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Lower-Division Baccalaureate 1 Personnel Security or Human Resource Management


The course objective is to provide an in-depth review of the Special Access Program (SAP) 2nd Tier Review Process. This course models the application of the SAP 2nd Tier Review Process, principles, guidelines, and conditions to evaluate SAP candidate nomination packages.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply relevant JAFAN 6/4 guidelines and conditions to determine whether specific elements of information satisfy 2nd Tier eligibility requirements for SAP access
  • Apply (Joint Air Force Army Navy) JAFAN 6/4 principles, guidelines, and conditions to access and evaluate candidate nomination packages to make 2nd Tier Review access eligibility determinations
  • Review SAP nomination packages and identify if they are complete and if basic nomination packages requirements have been met
  • Apply 2nd Tier Review eligibility guidelines to evaluate complete candidate nomination packages to determine candidate eligibility for SAP access

General Course Topics:

  • Tier review process overview, the 2nd Tier Review Process, initial nomination package review, review of adjudicative guidelines, using access eligibility guidelines, reading nomination packages, and making 2nd Tier access eligibility determinations
Instruction & Assessment

Instructional Strategies:

  • Case Studies
  • Computer Based Training
Supplemental Materials