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Logistics - Onsite Reviews

December 30, 1899


​If you are selected for a team, ACE staff will confirm via email and then transmit some preliminary logistics, including details on how to make your flight arrangements (specific airports, dates to arrive and depart with timeframes indicated), lodging accommodations, and a deadline to submit your estimated costs and expenditures. Any deviations from the approved schedule must be pre-approved. See travel policy section for details

You may bring a spouse or a significant other with you to the city location of the site visit at your own expense if approved. However, time schedules, agendas, and workflow may need to be adjusted onsite, so you may not have the flexibility to join your companion until after the review is finished for the day.

About one week prior to the date of the visit, you will receive a final email with review details including the arrival/departure schedule, a biographical team list, a disposition list of courses to be reviewed, access to the syllabi, and any other details of the trip.

The team will assemble the morning of the evaluation at the hotel at the direction of the ACE staff. Even if you are local and do not need a hotel room, please plan on meeting the team in the hotel lobby at the designated time. Depending on the culture of the organization you are reviewing, you may be asked to meet by 6:45 a.m. or as late as 8:45 a.m. The team will travel to the review location together.

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