Faculty Evaluator Frequently Asked Questions

​​Will I receive any training to be an ACE evaluator?

Yes. Prior to your review, ACE staff will conduct a webinar to provide an overview of the review purpose and process for all new evaluators. You will also be paired with a veteran evaluator to mentor and guide you during the review.

What should I bring to the onsite review?

Please bring a valid photo ID required for travel and access to military installations, where applicable. ACE staff will also itemize documents to print in your final logistics email, such as the orientation packet, arrival/departure schedule, and agenda.

We also recommend that you bring your institution’s catalog and syllabi from the courses you teach. If security protocols at your review location permit it, you may also bring a laptop computer.

How should I dress?

Please wear professional business attire during the review.

What are the keys to a successful review experience?

It is very important to follow the specific instructions that you receive from ACE regarding preliminary and final logistics. Frequent communication with ACE staff, especially when questions or issues arise, is also key.

Coming to the review with an open mind and willingness to engage in the process of recommending postsecondary credit for learning that occurs outside of the collegiate setting is critical. You must also be willing to collaborate with your colleagues, compromise, and respect opinions that may differ from your own.

After the work day is over, am I expected to go to dinner with the team?

On some reviews, there is a formal dinner offered by the client. In that case, you would be informed in advance and expected to attend. Generally, the review team goes out to dinner as a group, but you are not obligated to join the team for dinner. Bear in mind that some review locations are fairly remote and dining options near the hotel may be limited.

What time does the work day start and end?

Review logistics vary, so take the time to read the details of the logistics email and the review agenda. The length of an onsite review is based on the number of courses, length of courses/exams being evaluated, and travel logistics.

The work day could end by 5:00 pm, but sometimes there are complications that shift the workflow of the team. If you need to teach an evening course or if you have a work obligation during the time of the review, please check with your ACE contact before committing to serve on the team. Otherwise, when we are onsite and in the field, we respectfully request your flexibility and support to execute the review. 

Why does my flight have to depart after a certain time on the last day of the review?

Reviews are coordinated to account for the number and length of courses/exams being evaluated, as well as the travel time to get from the review location to the airport in time for departure flights.

Am I restricted to certain airlines when booking travel with Travel Leaders Corporate?

No, Travel Leaders Corporate books flights on all operating airlines. You can search flights online prior to contacting Travel Leaders Corporate to find flights that meet your needs, as well as the requested dates/times of arrival and departure. However, the flights must be within the industry cost standard. 

What if I want to travel ahead of the review dates, or stay after the review for personal reasons?

ACE Learning Evaluations works within the parameters of strict government contracts and cost agreements with outside organizations. The logistics email authorizes the specific defined scope of work, to include budget and travel expectations. ANY travel outside the scope of logistics (DOC) must be itemized, justified, and approved in writing BEFORE anything is booked or confirmed. We appreciate your support and commitment to the ACE review process and logistics expectations.

What if I have a travel issue getting to or returning home from the review?

Communication is essential when you are physically traveling to and from a review location. Please text or call your ACE contact as soon as possible if there are flight issues or delays with driving. We will work with you to coordinate next steps or make alternate arrangements, depending on your situation.

Why does ACE require that all documents be submitted via fax or email?

We ask that all documents be submitted via fax or email (rather than by mail) to ensure the material is received by the requested due date. ACE is required to adhere to contract timeframes and receiving late documents may cause the billing to fall out of compliance with those contracts.  

Why am I not able to claim mileage round-trip each way if someone drops me off and/or picks me up from the airport?

ACE adheres to the GSA Travel Policy Regulation 301-10.306, which allows reimbursement for only one round-trip to/from the airport.

Why did I only receive 75% travel meal per diem when I arrived home late in the night and I had to eat dinner out?

ACE adheres to the GSA Travel Policy Regulation 301-11.101, which allows reimbursement as follows:

​When Travel Is
​Your Allowance Is
​More than 12 but less than 24 hours
​75 percent of the applicable M&IE rate for each calendar day you are in a travel status.
​24 hours or more, on the day of departure
​75 percent of the applicable M&IE rate.
​Full days of travel​100 percent of the applicable M&IE rate.
​The last day of travel​75 percent of the applicable M&IE rate.

How do I keep my information current with ACE?

If there are any changes in your contact information, institution, or courses, please update your profile.

ACE staff also conducts an audit every two years of records that have not been updated. During the audit, ACE will send you an email asking you to update your profile.