ACE and Credential Engine Partner to Help Learners Access Wide Range of College Credit Recommendations
December 06, 2023

The American Council on Education (ACE) has partnered with Credential Engine to integrate ACE’s extensive database of college credit recommendations with the nonprofit’s Credential Registry to lead more people seeking higher education and career opportunities to the most effective and successful pathway.

ACE’s National Guide is an online compilation of college credit recommendations for courses, examinations, and apprenticeships that are reviewed by ACE faculty experts. These active credit recommendations are now also published and available as Credential Transparency Description Language linked open data in the Credential Registry, a national, cloud-based data store of credentials and skills in an easily accessible online tool. Users can explore competencies, learning and employment outcomes, connections among courses and credentials, and career pathways.

“At its core, this collaboration signifies ACE’s unwavering commitment to anticipate emerging challenges in higher education and cultivate an environment where postsecondary education is at the forefront of innovation,” said Derrick Anderson, senior vice president of ACE Education Futures. “We hope this groundbreaking connection enhances the educational journey for aspiring students while empowering educational institutions to flourish in an increasingly competitive arena.”

Over 10,000 learning experiences evaluated by ACE, represented as “transfer values” in the Credential Registry, will allow colleges and universities to describe which credentials they accept toward certificate and degree programs. By partnering with Credential Engine, ACE will increase the transparency of information available to learners, who can make informed decisions about their future educational plans.

This new, collective endeavor adds another critical element to ACE’s Education Futures Lab, which also expanded its research portfolio this year by announcing partnerships with the UCLA School of Education and Information Studies to strengthen and lead the Higher Education Research Institute and with the Institute of International Education to expand its support for campus internationalization and further leverage its extensive data and insights.

“Through this pivotal collaboration, we are not merely connecting data; we are forging pathways to empower individuals in their educational pursuits while equipping colleges and universities with the tools to thrive in an innovative educational landscape,” noted Deb Everhart, Credential Engine’s chief strategy officer. “Our commitment to shaping the future of education and training ecosystems aligns perfectly with this initiative, inviting all stakeholders to envision and co-create a future that positively impacts learners and society.”

Go to ACE’s National Guide resource page to learn how it can work for institutions, learners, and training providers.

For more information about Credential Engine, visit the Credential Registry.

Media Contacts

Audrey Hamilton (ACE)

Devin Peelman (Credential Engine)