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Executive Forum for Leading Internationalization

December 30, 1899


The Executive Forum for Leading Internationalization is an annual meeting of college and university presidents, chief academic officers (CAOs), and senior international officers to explore strategies for advancing internationalization. 

2018 Executive Forum for Leading Internationalization: Leveraging Technology for Internationalization

Join this year’s Forum to share and learn best practices and insights for incorporating digital technology as part of your institution's internationalization strategy. ​

To stay on the forward edge of internationalization, higher education leaders are integrating a broad range of technology approaches for innovation in curriculum, partnerships, and student mobility.  

Interactive e-learning classrooms and online degree programs are promising options for institutions to produce more accessible, affordable, and scalable global opportunities. Student success planning systems, data analytic software, and artificial intelligence can help institutions streamline internal communications, as well as to support strategic decision making about their global engagement.

In a field that is constantly innovating, how do senior leaders make critical decisions about the best technology options? When is technology NOT the answer for moving internationalization forward? How do senior leaders evaluate the costs and benefits of investing in new technologies?​

Given this year's Forum discussion topic, chief data information and technology officers are also encouraged to participate.

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For more information, contact CIGE at, or 202-939-9313.​

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Registration Now Open

2018 Executive Forum
for Leading Internationalization: Leveraging Technology for Internationalization​

Thursday, November 1, 2018
8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m. (ET)

Pre-registration is required. This event is not open to the media.


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