Survey Seeks to Define U.S. International Education Strategy
December 11, 2023

​While the United States is a leading destination for international students, the international education sector lacks a unified national strategy, relying instead on a decentralized network of state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, and institutions.

In partnership with ACE and nine other higher education organizations, IDP Connect has launched a survey to identify collective priorities to ultimately design a comprehensive national strategy for international education.

Higher education leaders, including executives at higher education organizations, as well as campus presidents, provosts, deans, vice presidents, trustees, directors, and senior international officers are encouraged to complete the survey. Responses are due Dec. 22.

A national strategy for international education defines a country’s goals for subjects including international student enrollment, participation of domestic students in exchange programs, partnerships with foreign countries, and internationalization on campuses. It also outlines the policies and procedures it will pursue to achieve these objectives.

The survey invites respondents to share their perspectives on what the United States’ international education priorities should be, the ideal size and composition of the international student body, making college more affordable and accessible, collaborating with other countries, and what role they want to play in formulating and implementing a national strategy.

Click here to take the survey. Results will be available February 2024.

​Survey on a National Strategy for U.S. International Education

please respond by Dec. 22