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I am an ACE Fellow

December 30, 1899


The ACE Fellows Program, the nation's premier higher education leadership development program, seeks to develop a robust pool of well-prepared leaders to lead colleges and universities into the future. Fellows come from all institutional function areas as well as from organizations and associations within the higher education community.

Kenya Ayers 

"The fellowship experience validated my ability to lead at the highest levels within the academy and allowed me to see future possibilities with great clarity."

Kenya Ayers
(ACE Fellow 2015-16)

Vice President and Chair of the Board, Northwest Educational Council for Student Success (NECSS) (IL)
Joe Bertolino 

“I can say with certainty that I am a University President today because of the superior mentorship I received as part of the ACE Fellows Program. Without a doubt, the Fellows Program positioned me to be a better president, professional and person in the service of students.”

Joe Bertolino
(ACE Fellow 2010-11)

President, Southern Connecticut State University
Sylvia R. Carey-Butler 

"The ACE Fellows Program is core to leadership development in American higher education. I had such a transformational experience, I know the lasting impact of the program on me will be seen in how I lead and by why I lead. I will never just think about what's best for an institution, but rather what's best and ethical for student learning in my decision-making."

Sylvia R. Carey-Butler
(ACE Fellow 2016-17)

Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Support, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
Joel Frater 

"I have participated in many leadership development programs, and having competed the ACE Fellowship, I was finally able to clarify my ambitions as a higher education leader. The Fellowship experience had an immediate impact on the way I performed my existing job duties and how I evaluated my readiness to pursue new roles. I was able to build a leadership toolkit that not only comprised theoretical knowledge, but practical applications, mentors and colleagues I can always draw on to address a myriad of leadership challenges and opportunities"

Joel Frater
(ACE Fellow 2013-14)

 (NY) Executive Dean, Damon City Campus, Monroe Community College
Lisa Freeman 

"For me, a major take-away from the Fellowship experience can be summed up in the following quote, 'You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.' In fact, my lived experience as a higher education administrator has confirmed that taking a chance can change your life in unimagined ways."

Lisa Freeman
(ACE Fellow 2004-05)

Acting President, Northern Illinois University

"If you are serious about developing strategic thinking and building your institution’s capacity, the ACE Fellows Program can make a difference."

Ming Tung "Mike" Lee
(ACE Fellow 2001-02)

Vice President and CFO California State University, Sacramento

"The power of the Program lies in the integration of its many components. All of them combined leave a lasting impact."

Julie Buehler
(ACE Fellow 2010–11)

Vice Chancellor for Information Services and Strategy and CIO for University of Massachusetts, Amherst

"The opportunity to visit over 40 campuses during my fellowship year allowed me to see what was going on in higher education in a wide range of institutions."

Jorge Gonzalez
(ACE Fellow 2007–08)

 President,Kalamazoo College (MI) 

"I nominated an emerging leader to the ACE Fellows Program because I wanted that person to have the benefits of the mentorship I received as a Fellow."

Marie Foster Gnage
(ACE Fellow 1990–1991) 

Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Advancement, Florida State College, Jacksonville
Chair, AACC Board of Directors (2012-13)



"The experience that I gained through the Fellows Program gave me an opportunity to branch out with a great deal of confidence."

Paul Jones
(ACE Fellow 2007–2008)

President, Fort Valley State University (GA)

"The relationships that I built with other Fellows, the mentoring I received and spending time at another institution are all part of a great package that I would recommend to anyone."

Beatriz Gonzalez
(ACE Fellow 2004–2005)

 Vice Provost & CDO, University of La Verne (CA) 

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