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Employer's Guide to CREDIT: Getting Started with CREDIT

December 30, 1899


ACE’s College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT®)​ ​​​​​connects workplace learning with colleges and universities by helping students gain access to academic credit for formal courses and examinations taken outside traditional degree programs. Decades of experience gives CREDIT the ability to assess your organizations high-quality training programs and determine if they may successfully transfer to college credit. To get started with CREDIT, follow these steps:


1) Determine Eligibility to Participate

CREDIT’s Criteria of Eligibility is used to determine whether an organization’s educational program is compatible with CREDIT standards. Organizations are required to demonstrate that they continue to meet the eligibility criteria in order to maintain participation in the program every three years.   ​

2) Consultation with CREDIT Corporate Alliance Representative

CREDIT‘s Corporate Alliance team will contact you to schedule a consultation to discuss your organization’s eligibility.  During the consultation, Corporate Alliances will confirm eligibility and obtain any additional information required to move forward with the application process.

3) Eligibility Visit

Prior to scheduling an evaluation, each organization must participate in an Eligibility meeting to verify courses are prepared for a CREDIT Review. This is usually conducted at the organization’s headquarters and is led by ACE staff over a half-day.  ACE staff will work with the organization to establish dates for the meeting. 

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