Types of ACE Learning Evaluations Reviews

​​ACE Learning Evaluations (formerly CREDIT®) reviews a wide variety of training programs from courses to examinations, including languages, certifications, and apprenticeship programs. 

​With over 35,000 programs evaluated, Learning Evaluations is the national leader in the evaluation of education and training obtained outside the classroom.

ACE Learning Evaluations issues different types of recommendations depending on the nature and purpose of your training educational program:

College Credit Recommendations

Programs that align with post-secondary educational expectations are issued recommendations for equivalent college credit that include the number of semester-hours, educational level, and subject area.  These are represented on the ACE transcript.

Workplace-relevant Competencies​

If your programs are geared towards the development and achievement of skills and abilities important to your industry or student career aspirations, then we can evaluate your program based on industry competency frameworks and display the competencies achieved by your students on their transcripts.

We also evaluate several different types of experiences:

 Course Evaluation

​Review of the content, scope, rigor, and assessments of training programs, apprenticeships, non-accredited general education courses, and other types of courses to determine alignment to post-secondary programs or competencies. Course evaluations may be conducted on-site or virtually.

The Learning Evaluations Course Review is the most widely used evaluation program and stresses academically sound methods. We have a thorough process that closely evaluates training programs, certifications, apprenticeships, and examinations to determine eligibility for college credit.

Our reviews are carried out by experienced college and university faculty who assess the content, scope and rigor of an organization’s training programs, courses or examinations and make appropriate recommendations for comparable college credit. Find out more about our faculty evaluators here: ACE Faculty Evaluators.

The Learning Evaluations Review Process

​​If you are considering a Learning Evaluations review for your organization, and would like us to determine your eligibility to participate, please let us know more about your organization and offerings by filling out our request for information form.

Determining Eligibility and completing the Learning Evaluations onboarding process is done in five easy steps. Representatives from ACE’s Learning Evaluations team work hand in hand with each organization to support them and answer questions during this stage.  

1. Determine Eligibility to Participate

ACE Learning Evaluations Criteria of Eligibility (2.8 MB PDF) is used to determine whether an organization’s educational program is compatible with evaluation standards. Organizations are required to demonstrate that they continue to meet the eligibility criteria in order to maintain participation in the program every three years.   

2. Consultation with ACE Learning Evaluations Representative

A member of the ACE Learning Evaluations team will contact you to schedule a consultation to discuss your organization’s eligibility.  During the consultation, ACE staff will confirm eligibility and obtain any additional information required to move forward with the application process.

3. Application Package & Review Readiness Fee

Submit your review application package, along with your Review Readiness Fee to our team.

4. Eligibility Visit/Call

Prior to scheduling an evaluation, each organization must participate in an Eligibility meeting to verify courses are prepared for an ACE Learning Evaluations Review. This is usually conducted at the organization’s headquarters and is led by ACE staff over a half-day.  ACE staff will work with the organization to establish dates for the meeting.

Once eligibility is confirmed, the organization is ready to undergo a review.

5. Submit the Statement of Work

ACE Learning Evaluations will review the submitted Course Data Forms to determine course alignment to academic disciplines and identify the number of evaluators required for a review. You will receive a written response in the form of a Statement of Work. The Statement of Work will include a summary of costs, list of the courses for review, and an explanation of ACE’s General Provisions.

When you submit the required forms and fees, we will finalize your review dates and host your review.

After your review is complete, we will submit a final report and then publish the results to ACE National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training.

For more information about our credit course reviews, contact us at creditinfo@acenet.edu.

 Examination Evaluation

Review of the content, scope and rigor of examinations, certifications, proficiency tests and other types of assessment to determine alignment to post-secondary programs or competencies. Examination evaluations may only be conducted on-site.

​What is an examination evaluation?

The examination evaluation process assesses the content and technical properties of an examination. The content review determines whether an exam covers its subject in sufficient depth and evaluates the content for currency and validity. The technical review evaluates the psychometric properties of an exam to determine whether the exam is constructed using appropriate measurement and statistical practices.

The examination evaluation is ideal for organizations that provide certifications, proficiency tests and other types of examinations. The American Council on Education Learning Evaluations has reviewed the College Board's Advanced Placement (AP) tests and College Level Proficiency (CLEP) tests; DSST by Prometric; the American College Testing (ACT) Career Readiness Certificate; language proficiency tests offered by the Foreign Service Institute and Defense Language Institute; and certifications offered by Microsoft. All recommendations are available on our National Guide.

What should I expect at the examination evaluation?

​The examination evaluation process is typically conducted at the location of the organization. Unlike the course evaluation, the examination evaluation looks beyond the content and requires a psychometrician to assist the faculty evaluators.

The psychometrician's role is to examine the steps an organization has taken to measure the validity of examinations, the reliability of the scoring ability of the examiners, and the technical adequacy of the organization's procedures regarding test development, training of testers, proctoring of examinations and score reporting.

To arrive at the credit recommendation, team members consider a number of relevant factors including:

  • Exam content and construct
  • Emphasis on each of the content, skill and/or ability areas
  • Level of difficulty
  • Evidence of validity
  • Reliability of information
  • Testing procedures

Credit recommendations for examinations are made in the following categories:

  • Vocational certificate
  • Lower division baccalaureate/associate degree
  • Upper division baccalaureate degree
  • Graduate degree

 Authorized Instruction Site (AIS) and Authorized Test Provider (ATP)

Periodically, an organization may offer or wish to offer courses that already hold ACE credit recommendations. In these situations, we review academic processes of third party providers to determine whether they meet the Criteria of Eligibility (2.8 MB PDF) to offer courses or exams owned by a host organization that has already received a recommendation from ACE.

​What are the AIS and ATP processes?

Authorized Instruction Site (AIS) and Authorized Test Provider (ATP) review types evaluate academic processes of third party providers to determine whether they meet the Criteria of Eligibility to offer courses or exams owned by a host organization that has already received a college credit recommendation from ACE.

What should I expect at an AIS or ATP evaluation?

​During the site visits, an ACE representative will meet with you and your representatives. The meeting will consist of the following:

  • Introduction and Presentation (20 - 30 minutes): A general presentation and overview will serve to align the organization training mission and testing philosophy.
  • Administrative Review (60 - 90 minutes): Interview of personnel and document review of administrative policy and practice, including the testing environment, proctor policies and record keeping.
  • Tour (30-40 minutes): A brief tour will be conducted of the testing facility. The tour should serve to enhance the representative's understanding of the testing procedures and proctoring requirements.
  • Exit Briefing (15-20 minutes): The exit briefing is an unofficial meeting to discuss some initial findings. At that time, the ACE representative will summarize their finding and provide feedback.

 Defense Acquisitions University (DAU) Equivalency Program

​The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) provides the opportunity for organizations (colleges and universities, DoD schools, other federal agencies, commercial vendors, and professional societies) to offer courses, programs or certifications which are deemed and accepted as equivalent to one or more DAU courses. ACE conducts the Equivalency Provider Application (EPA) and Equivalent Product reviews in accordance with agreed upon standards in DAU Directive 708.

Equivalent Provider Application (EPA)

For organizations interested in becoming DAU training providers, the first step is to complete and submit a signed MOU for DAU directly to DAU. More information is available here.

Once the two documents are received by DAU and DAU has created your Blackboard account, contact us and ACE will provide you with a work statement and cost proposal. Please refer to ACE's DAU Review Fee Schedule.

Equivalent Product Review

DAU equivalent training providers can submit courses or programs for DAU equivalency evaluation. The guidelines, the forms, and the process can be found on the DAU Equivalency Program Provider Resource Site.

Once an approved EPA and a signed MOU is on file, a DAU provider can submit a request for the review of training courses for DAU Equivalency.

Please refer to the instructions on the DAU Equivalency Provider web page for submitting courses.

For more information, please call 202-939-9494. When prompted, press 4.


Detailed information and forms: DAU Equivalency Program Provider Resource Site

​Fee Schedule

Learn how our team calculates the cost of your Learning Evaluation.

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