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ACE Attainment and Innovation Webinars Provide Information for Wide Range of Higher Education Professionals

April 19, 2017


An April 26 webinar presented by ACE’s College and University Partnerships, The CPL-CBE Connection, will feature a discussion of how credit for prior learning (CPL) and competency-based education (CBE) programs and policies have been integrated at different institutions. There is still time to register for the 90-minute presentation, designed for institutional administrators, chairs, deans, faculty, advisors and program coordinators.

Now archived online is a March 30 webinar, the JST (Joint Services Transcript) Stakeholders Forum, that provided updates about how to use the JST program to provide service members and veterans with the best military transcript.

These are just two of many webinars offered by ACE’s Center for Education Attainment and Innovation (CEAI) that provide information and professional development resources for college and university academic and student services leadership teams in areas such as military and workplace credit recommendations. These webinars are archived and can be viewed at any time, along with white papers and other resources, and are listed below by topic.

Military Credit Evaluations

Webinar: Joint Services Transcript (JST) Business Meeting

The JST Business Meeting, facilitated by ACE, was an interactive business meeting and feedback session for colleges and universities, service representatives and key JST program business users and stakeholders.

Webinar: The Inside Track on Validating Military Learning Experiences

This July 22, 2016, webinar discussed the rigorous military evaluations process that has recommended college credit for thousands of military courses since the early 1940s.

ACE College Credit Recommendation Services (CREDIT®)

Webinar: How CREDIT Works for You: Student Spotlights

This July 13, 2016, webinar highlighted students and adult learners who have utilized ACE’s Transcript Services to gain access to academic credit for formal courses and examinations taken outside the traditional classroom.

Webinar: Meet our Faculty Review Team: A Look Inside the CREDIT Review Process

This June 14, 2016, session showcased ACE CREDIT’s team of teaching faculty from relevant academic disciplines, representing a diverse group of colleges and universities.

Academic Innovation

Webinar: Instruction and Student Outcomes

As part of a collaboration with Strada Education Network, this Jan. 24, 2017, webinar focused on the intersection of instruction and student outcomes. Two companion white papers are:

Unpacking Relationships: Instruction and Student Outcomes

Instructional Quality, Student Outcomes and Institutional Finances

Webcast: Connected Credentials and Competencies: New Insights

As part of ACE’s Alternative Credit Project, CEAI has produced two innovative white papers examining the evolving uses of credentials and competencies to address the needs of our diverse, rapidly changing knowledge economy. The papers were discussed during this Feb. 25 convening, which was webcast.

Webinar: Connecting Credentials

In conjunction with the release of “Rethinking Credentialing,” a paper in ACE’s “Quick Hits” series, this webinar highlighted strategies for making credentials more understandable and valuable to all educational stakeholders: learners, employers, institutions and policy makers.

Credit for Prior Learning Implementation

ACE’s College and University Partnerships offered several webinars in 2016 to support credit for prior learning (CPL) implementation.

Webinar: Building the Case for Credit for Prior Learning: Using Data as the Architectural Framework

This Sept. 21, 2016 webinar walked through lessons institutions learned in building a data infrastructure to capture information on students’ use of CPL options.

Webinar: Being Intentional About Faculty Engagement When Creating Credit for Prior Learning Programs and Administering Portfolios

This June 15, 2016, webinar discussed the critical role that faculty plays in achieving stellar outcomes in student success, including developing and promoting CPL and competency-based education programs that can offer students multiple pathways to meeting attainment goals.

Webinar: Creating Effective Academic Policies and Procedures to Administer Credit for Prior Learning

This April 20, 2016 webinar provided participants with examples of institutions that created or expanded CPL policies and practices.

College and University Partnerships Webinar Series on Credit for Prior Learning

This 2015 series highlighted a number of critical areas required for successful CPL programs, via a group of seasoned CPL practitioners from two- and four-year institutions across the nation.

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