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  • Sixty percent of today’s undergraduate college students are post-traditional learners. Whether over the age of 25, working full-time with family responsibilities, financially independent, or connected to the military, they are a diverse group with a range of educational needs. ACE has a long history of supporting both post-traditional learners and the higher education institutions that serve them.

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  • Experiential Program Jump-starts College and Career

    Year Up program alumna Daisy Spears is on her way to meeting her education and career goals at Community College of Rhode Island, with Year Up offering a clear pathway to completion. Spears’ story is first in a series highlighting the success of students who have used ACE CREDIT recommendations as part of a flexible college completion pathway.

  • Resource Center Staff

    Student Resource Center

    Staff in the ACE Resource Center are on call to answer questions about obtaining ACE credit recommendations for military and corporate training, creating and ordering your ACE transcript, and applying credit recommendations towards transfer credit at a college or university.

  • Adult Learners

    Using Your ACE Credit Recommendations

    A guide to help adult learners use their ACE credit recommendations for military or workplace training.

  • Police Officer

    Returning to Learning: Resources for Students

    ACE offers students assistance in using their ACE credit recommendations and transcripts, information about credit for prior learning options, and resources on returning to college.

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ACE Related Programs and Initiatives

ACE Student of the Year Award

The Student of the Year Award is presented annually by ACE to an adult learner who has benefited from the use of ACE credit recommendations to earn a college degree or advance a career.