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Articulating Global Strategy

Graduation cap and diploma

Articulating Global Strategy

  • Colleges and universities articulate their commitment to internationalization and global engagement through mission statements, institution-wide strategic plans, and internationalization plans. Strategic planning for internationalization requires the involvement of stakeholders campus-wide, and may be coordinated by an internationalization task force or committee.
  • Articulated institutional commitment is a component of the CIGE Model for Comprehensive Internationalization. The resources on this page provide information and guidance in this area.

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  • Co-workers having a discussion

    Making the Case for Internationalization

    This page is designed to help you create strong arguments for internationalization on your campus. In some cases, you may be looking for new arguments to make to your stakeholders; in other cases, you may be interested in strengthening existing arguments with better evidence and examples. Some of you may want to create a separate, formal statement on the value of internationalization, which we call a case statement. Others may want to integrate these arguments into other documents and resources, such as a strategic plan.

  • ACE Internationalization Lab

    ACE Internationalization Laboratory

    ACE's Internationalization Laboratory provides institutions with customized guidance and insight as they review their internationalization goals and develop strategic plans.

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