Military Review Resources

Review Process and Timeline

​​ The annual process for requesting ACE military reviews opens in May for the reviews taking place during the contract year beginning  April 1st through March 31st.

Training sites will work with their service program managers to identify projected review needs and submit review requests electronically through the MTEP Portal that feeds directly into ACE’s database.

The ACE review master schedule is established through collaboration between ACE, DANTES, service program managers, and their military schoolhouses.

Please note that the new contract stron​gly encourages virtual reviews.

Please read the "Understanding Review Readiness" section below for details on review readiness criteria and levels.

For assistance, please email​

Understanding Review Readiness

The service program manager and ACE will analyze the review requests and determine the level of readiness for virtual reviews. Schoolhouses that have not done a virtual review can use the information below to evaluate their readiness for a virtual review.

Readiness Criteria:

This analysis is based on criteria such as:

  • Electronic availability of course materials
  • Point of contact (POC) availability
  • Course count/academic hour average
  • Content areas covered
  • Occupation count
  • Virtual capability for occupation interviews

Readiness Levels:

Review readiness levels are defined in the following way:

  • Level 1—not eligible for virtual reviews, but will be considered for remediation and/or onsite reviews (e.g., course materials are not in digital formats; course count and/or academic hour average are too large for a virtual review)
  • Level 2—not eligible for virtual reviews until the identified areas are remedied (e.g., course materials in partial digital formats)
  • Level 3—ready for a virtual review (e.g., course materials available in digital formats; course count fits virtual review guidelines)

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Service-Specific Resources

Service program managers schedule courses and occupations for review based on their priorities. For questions about review scheduling or requirements, send an email to the relevant service listed below.​



Marine Corps

Contact email:


Contact email:

Coast Guard

Contact email:

Air Force

Contact email: and


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