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​​​​​Please note that the review timeline, process, and forms have changed under ACE’s new contract beginning April 1, 2020. The information below has been upd​​ated to reflect the new procedures. For assistance, please email​

​​​​​​​​The American Council on Education (ACE) works under a contract from the Department of Defense that is administered by the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). The military services set the scheduling priorities for reviews. ACE reviews military training (courses) and experiences (occupations) with the goal of awarding equivalent colle​ge credits for those experiences. The Military Guide has over 25,000 exhibits (22,000 courses and 3,400 occupations) dating back to 1954. The results of ACE military reviews appear in the Military Guide.

An ACE military review bridges the gap between professional military education and postsecondary education. Reviews are conducted by faculty members from colleges and universities who are currently teaching in the areas they are reviewing. The review team analyzes materials, identifies learning outcomes, and recommends postsecondary credit based on its findings. Military points of contact should contact ACE directly if they have questions that are not answered here.

On April 1, 2020, ACE and the Department of Defense began work under a new contract, which is designed to improve the Department of Defense’s “capacity to evaluate, document, and communicate the college level learning gained by service members as a result of military training courses and on-the-job experiences in a credible manner accepted by a wide range of stakeholders,” including the military services and academic institutions.

Under the new contract, the review scheduling process has changed. Training sites work with their service program managers to identify projected review needs and prepare review readiness packets before reviews are officially scheduled. Service program managers deliver the completed review readiness packets to ACE 90 days before the start of the review. If the site is ready, ACE officially adds the review to the schedule 60 days before it is to start. ​For more information on review readiness, go to Military Review Resources​.

The instructions linked below are designed to assist military training schoolhouses in planning for and hosting successful ACE military onsite and virtual reviews.

Military Course Reviews

​For course reviews, the ACE review team examines the materials used to deliver the content of the course, including instructor materials, student materials, and assessments.

prepare for an Onsite Course Review
Military Occupation Reviews

​For occupation reviews, the team examines the official documentation for the military occupational specialty (MOS) or rating and validates the occupation’s critical tasks and skills during interviews with service members.

Prepare For an Occupation Review
Military Virtual Reviews

​For virtual reviews, the review team examines the course materials (instructor materials, student materials, and assessments) on a secure SharePoint platform.

​prepare for a Virtual Review
Military Review Resources

Military training providers can find review readiness packets and service-specific contact information to prepare for a review on the Military Review Resources​ page.

View Resource Materials

 The Military Guide

Explore military training ​and occupations carrying ACE recommendations.

The Military Guide​​​