Faculty Evaluator Checklist - Onsite Reviews

​​​​​​​If you've been selected to participate in an onsite review, using this checklist will help you prepare and ensure a smooth experience.

Before the Review

  • Attend any training provided by ACE staff.
  • Review travel policies and procedures
  • Review the information in Onsite Course Reviews and/or Occupation Reviews to familiarize yourself with the review process.
  • Follow the instructions indicated in your preliminary and final logistics emails.
  • Print, sign, and return your consultant agreement forms before the trip.
  • Review any course materials provided to you prior to the evaluation. For Military reviews, you will receive an email with access to an FTP site. This is an opportunity to review the list of courses to see in advance the planning documents for the military courses before arriving onsite.
  • Read the team list, with the short biographical sketches of your fellow team members. This will help you get to know your colleagues. The list is also sent to the organization in advance.
  • Pack your course catalog and sample syllabi from your institution or have the link or electronic file available on your phone or laptop.
  • Familiarize yourself with the current curriculum trends within your academic discipline. Having a broad perspective will assist you with your assessment and with the expected team collaboration and discussions.
  • Come to the review with an open mind and a willingness to engage in the process of recommending postsecondary credit for learning that occurs outside of the collegiate setting.  


  • Always carry photo identification to present to the organization or for security access.
  • Wear professional business attire, unless you receive different instructions from ACE staff.
  • Meet at the appropriate times as indicated by your logistics email.
  • On some CREDIT reviews, the client will provide a dinner the night before the review. In this case, you may not bring a guest and should wear professional business attire.
  • Participate in course evaluation sessions and discuss learning outcomes and credit recommendations with other team members to reach a consensus.
  • Be willing to collaborate with your colleagues, compromise, and respect opinions that may differ from your own. 
  • Write the appropriate learning outcomes, descriptions, justifications, and recommendations for each course.
  • Lunch during a review varies. It may be a working lunch to complete the review within the scheduled time, or the team may go out to a restaurant or may purchase food, and return to the work room. Some situations require cash only so be sure to carry some. Be sure to tell ACE staff ahead of time if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions.  
  • Prepare for the exit briefing and be ready to respond to questions and address concerns.


  • Keep your personal notes from the review for 30 days. After that time, yo​u may destroy them. 
  • Complete and submit your Certificate of Time Worked, W-9, and Travel Expense Report within 10 days. See forms and policies page.
  • If applicable to your review, participate in any online surveys sent to team members after the visit.  ​