Talking Free Speech on Campus

Episode 10

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Aired on November 25, 2019​

Tensions on campus around free speech issues mean college and university leaders are often caught in the crosshairs. Hosts Lorelle Espinosa and Jon Fansmith speak with civil discourse and campus speech experts, Lara Schwartz​, professor at American University, and Michelle Deutchman, executive director of the University of California’s Center for Free Speech and Civic Engagement, about the tensions, the research, and the policies that can have a huge impact on how students experience campus life and explore how leaders can make their own campuses inclusive.

Later, Lorelle and Jon look at further resources around campus inclusion and free speech and how the Department of Education may become more involved. ​​

Episode Notes

Here are some of the links and references from this week’s show:

Conversation with Michelle Deutchman and Lara Schwartz

Post-interview chat on free speech and inclusion resources

Hosts and Guests

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