Apply Now for Hillel Campus Climate Initiative Cohort
March 20, 2023

​The deadline to apply for Hillel International's 2023-24 Campus Climate Initiative (CCI) Cohort is May 19, with a rolling selection process.

Antisemitic incidents are on the rise on U.S. campuses, tripling in recent years. The CCI cohort experience is designed to empower college and university administrators to build awareness, allyship, and action around this issue as part of broader efforts to address hate and bias on campus so that Jewish students can feel comfortable expressing their identity.

The fourth cohort of the CCI Campus Cohort program, which is supported by the ACE Engage digital platform, is a collaborative, educational, and practical experience that enables college and university administrators, in partnership with their campus Hillel professionals, to engage in:

  • Gathering, assessing, and utilizing data to better understand the current climate for Jewish students in their campus community and to inform strategic next steps;
  • Training and empowering university administration and staff to better understand the needs of Jewish students, the diversity of the Jewish community, and the challenges of campus antisemitism; and
  • Creating and adopting best practices, policies, procedures, and programs to address antisemitism and foster a positive campus climate for Jewish students, and all students.

The cohort experience will include virtual orientation and introduction sessions in August, followed by regular virtual learning sessions approximately twice each month, in addition to an in-person conference​ tentatively scheduled for April 2024. Among the criteria that will be weighed when considering an institution’s application is whether there is a strong Hillel presence on campus.

ACE is proud to support efforts to combat campus antisemitism, and collaborated with Hillel International and the American Jewish Committee in April 2022 on the University Presidents Summit on Campus Antisemitism in New York City. The summit, attended by more than three dozen college and university presidents, explored meaningful ways that institutions can respond to antisemitism within the context of fulfilling their overarching diversity, equity, and inclusion mission to combat all forms of racism, bigotry, discrimination, and harassment on campus while respecting principles of academic freedom and free speech.

For more information about the Hillel CCI cohort experience and application process, click here, or contact Note that while the deadline to apply is May 19, because of the rolling selection process there is no guarantee that space will still be available by then.