Taking Part in Global Conversations: ACE Leaders Attend Going Global Conference in Berlin
May 29, 2019

​Earlier this month, ACE’s Philip Rogers and Brad Farnsworth travelled to Berlin, Germany, to attend the British Council’s 2019 Going Global conference

The Going Global conference aims to bring together higher education leaders from around the world to share ideas, make connections, and discuss the future of higher education. This year’s theme revolved around knowledge diplomacy and the digital world. 

Rogers, ACE senior vice president of learning and engagement, spoke at a panel titled “The Educational Divide and Can Our Universities Mend the Fractured Connection With Stakeholders?” The panel addressed the rise of populism in Europe and the United States and how the higher education community can start to heal the growing distrust between universities and local communities. 

“Higher education’s value proposition is dependent on a sustained institutional commitment to equity and inclusion. Colleges and universities can and should do more to be better and more visible champions of equity, access, completion, and ultimately social mobility,” Rogers suggested in his opening remarks. He pointed to the work ACE, with the help of the Lumina Foundation, has been doing to globalize the discussion on race and ethnicity in higher education. 

Issues such as retaining the trust of stakeholders and promoting diversity and inclusion are not unique to the U.S. higher education landscape. Many institutions from various countries around the world are facing the same challenges.

“It is vitally important for ACE to be part of these global conversations,” said Farnsworth, vice president of internationalization and global engagement. “Conferences like ‘Going Global’ give us an opportunity to learn from other countries, and they in turn learn from the U.S. experience.  Everyone benefits from the exchange.”

This was merely the first of several international trips that these two ACE senior leaders have lined up. In June, Rogers will speak at the Global Forum​ hosted by the Council of Europe and other partners in Strasbourg, France. Also that month, Farnsworth will head to Beijing, China, to meet with Chinese higher education leaders and attend an academic conference on intellectual property.