Carnegie Classifications Announces Teams of Experts to Advance Innovative New Models
September 19, 2022

​Members of a technical review panel and an institutional roundtable are kicking off their work providing expert input for the next incarnation of the Carnegie Classifications of Institutions of Higher Education, which will include a new classification system based on how institutions support students' social and economic mobility.

The Carnegie Classifications Technical Review Panel, which is composed of leading data experts from colleges and universities as well as research organizations, began meeting in August. They will examine the methodology and data that will form the foundation of new versions of the classifications to ensure they best reflect the public purpose, mission, focus, and impact of higher education. Click here to see the members of the panel.

The Carnegie Classifications Institutional Roundtable, whose members are college and university presidents representing a diverse range of institutional types, will commence their work in November. They will examine the incentive structures underlying classification systems and how the current iteration of the Basic Classification has impacted decision-making on campuses. They will also explore how a new social and economic mobility classification might be formulated to better capture the range of diverse missions in higher education and support constructive use of the Carnegie classifications to better promote institutional learning and advance economic mobility. Click here to see the members of the roundtable.

Both groups will be working over the next 12 to 18 months in preparation for the release of the new classifications in 2024.

First published in 1973, the Carnegie classifications are the nation's leading framework for clustering diverse U.S. higher education institutions in like terms so that their work and impact can be understood in relation to each other.

ACE and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching announced earlier this year that they are collaborating on a new version of the Carnegie classifications. Most notably, this next release will include a new social and economic mobility classification, which will reflect an institution's commitment to and success in achieving those goals while effectively serving a diverse, inclusive student populace, with a framework of the new classification expected to be unveiled in late 2023.

For a fact sheet with more information about the future of the Carnegie Classifications of Institutions of Higher Education, click here.

To learn more about the work on the new Carnegie classifications or to contact the classifications staff, please email

​Reimagining the Carnegie Classification Systems to Recognize Institutions that Make Social and Economic Mobility a Reality

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