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Webinar: Military Learning and College Credit Recommendations in the Engineering Fields

June 10, 2019


​Register now for a June 20 webinar​ to learn how ACE reviews military training for college credit recommendations in engineering.

U.S. military personnel are highly trained, and some of those learning experiences may be directly applicable to college credit, especially in the STEM fields. Participants in the free webinar will hear about the review process from ACE faculty evaluators in engineering fields, but all disciplines are invited to attend.

ACE reviews military training (courses) and experiences (occupations), and recommends equivalent college credits. ACE’s credit recommendations appear in the Military Guide and on military transcripts. The Military Guide​ has more than 25,000 exhibits (22,000 courses/3,300 occupations) covering recommendations made from 1954 to the present. 

Speakers for the webinar are George Ford, building and construction science professor and director at Mississippi State University, and Jeanette White, civil engineering technology instructor, Southwestern Community College in North Carolina.

If you have questions about the webinar or registration, email

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