HEADLINES: Top Higher Education News for the Week

August 22nd

President Trump signed a measure on Wednesday that seeks to remove the bureaucratic barriers for permanently disabled veterans to qualify for student loan forgiveness, reports The New York Times, while Inside Higher Ed gathered reactions from veterans and higher education groups… The Atlantic examines the shift in partisan perceptions of higher education in recent years… Diverse: Issues In Higher Education writes about what colleges and universities are doing to increase diversity within cybersecurity.

Trump Orders Student Loan Forgiveness for Disabled Veterans
The ​New York Times (sub. req.) (Aug. 21, 2019)​

Faster Loan Forgiveness for Disabled Veterans
Inside Higher Ed (Aug. 22, 2019)

Republicans Changed Their Mind About Higher Education Really Quickly
The Atlantic (Aug. 21, 2019) 

Universities Working to Fill High Cybersecurity Job Demand
Diverse: Issues In Higher Education (Aug. 21, 2019)

August 21

The University of Alaska Board of Regents has cancelled a declaration enabling it to take drastic financial steps in the face of budget cuts…. Arizona colleges are moving to expand a specialized tuition rate for high school graduates who are in the country illegally and removing the requirement that they be enrolled in DACA… The Council of Graduate Schools and the Jed Foundation are partnering on a new initiative to tackle graduate student mental health, according to Diverse: Issues In Higher Education.

August 20

The latest Pew survey on public perceptions of higher education looks at the continuing partisan divide in this area… Companies are restructuring their compensation and benefits packages to attract college-educated women, according to The Wall Street Journal… Concerns over heightened inequality on campuses means some colleges are eliminating summer work requirements for scholarship recipients, according to Bloomberg.

August 19

Inside Higher Ed and The Washington Post explore the appointment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s newest ombudsman for private education loans …  A loophole in federal-aid rule leaves GI Bill money outside the cap on schools’ revenue, putting a premium on service-member recruitment, reports The Wall Street Journal… An op-ed in the Los Angeles Times looks at two factors keeping ‘new gen’ students from attending college.

August 16

A new report shows student loans outpacing other household debt among most severely delinquent loans, reports Inside Higher EdThe Washington Post publishes a piece about how to prevent hate crimes on college campuses… Restoring Pell Grants to prisoners benefits all of society, according to an op-ed in the Detroit Free Press.

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