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Faculty Policies and Practices

December 30, 1899

As the primary drivers of teaching and research, faculty play a pivotal role in campus internationalization. Institutional policies and support mechanisms ensure that faculty have opportunities to develop international competence and are able to maximize the impact of these experiences on student learning.


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Internationalized Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

Becker College

In their tenure dossiers, faculty are required to include examples of how they have integrated global citizenship into their courses. 


Binghamton University Procedures for Personnel Cases

This procedural document highlights how international perspectives and activities should be incorporated in the areas of teaching, research, and service at Binghamton University.


Michigan State University

Department chairs are asked to rate candidates' work in "international studies and programs," if applicable, and are invited (though not required) to comment qualitatively on candidates' contributions in the areas of "international instruction," international community service, international student advising, and efforts to build international competence.  


Oregon State University Criteria for Promotion and Tenure

In its guidelines for how faculty members may achieve tenure, Oregon State explains that international and global issues are part of the faculty's responsibilities and are a factor when considering tenure. In particular, Oregon State stresses internationalization in both teaching and service. 


University of Minnesota Faculty Tenure Policy

This document outlines the faculty tenure and promotion policy at the University of Minnesota, which includes consideration of international experience and activities in the review process, and the need for faculty to establish an international reputation.


University of Minnesota


Rutgers University​


Clemson University​

This document reviews the Tenure, Promotion and Reappointment (TPR) criteria of Clemson as well as those of a selection of other universities. This review was conducted as part of the Internationalization Task Force (ITF) internal review during AY 2013-2014. Assertions that international activities were either disincentivized by the TPR process and/or discouraged by departmental practices were repeatedly made in the ITF review. 



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Programs to Promote Faculty Mobility 

The Professors Across Borders program supports faculty travel that will help internationalize the curricula, develop study abroad opportunities, strengthen relationships with partner institutions, and develop the professors' international research, presentations, and publications.


CIEE: International Faculty Development Seminars​

For 10 or 11 intensive days on this CIEE program, faculty attend lectures by faculty and experts from prestigious institutions and visit fascinating locations linked to academic content. Participants engage in interactive discussions with international colleagues on a subject that is uniquely relevant to the world today.


IES Abroad: Faculty Development Seminars

IES Abroad offers development seminars for faculty members from the IES Abroad Consortium. Seminars are sponsored by an IES Abroad Center or jointly sponsored by IES Abroad and an overseas or U.S. institution. IES Abroad Faculty Development Seminars are designed to bring together U.S. faculty, international faculty, and local experts for an intellectual exchange of ideas.


Indiana University International Short-Term Visitors Grants

Indiana University's International Short-Term Visitors Grant provides support for travel expenses to bring visitors to IU campuses for events such as conferences, workshops, lectures or performances that explore international topics.


Princeton University Global Scholars Program

Princeton University's Global Scholars Program recruit scholars from outside the U. S. into recurring, multi-year teaching appointments in all disciplines and regional studies programs.


University of Richmond Faculty Seminar Abroad

Faculty members from various schools and departments across the University of Richmond have the opportunity to participate in two and three-week seminars abroad in order to gain new knowledge about a region or country, and participate in a dialogue with their international counterparts.


University of Rochester Visiting Scholars Fund

The University of Rochester's Visiting Scholars Fund aims to recruit underrepresented minority visiting scholars and postdoctoral fellows.



U.S. Government Programs for Faculty Mobility
​According to the 2015 CIGE report, Internationalizing Higher Education Worldwide: National Policies and Programs, there are several U.S. federally-funded initiatives that promote and support faculty mobility. Prominent among them is the Department of State's Fulbright program offerings, which includes the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program, an initiative that welcomes over 800 international scholars from over 100 countries annually to conduct research at sponsoring U.S. institutions. The Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program supports the research and projects of nearly 800 U.S. scholars and professionals to nearly 130 countries annually. 


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Faculty Awards for International Engagement  

Indiana University: John W. Ryan Award for Distinguished Contributions to International Programs and Studies

The Ryan Award honors Indiana University faculty members who have made exceptional contributions to the university's international programs and engagement.


University of Illinois: Sheth Distinguished Faculty Award for International Achievement

This award recognizes a current University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign faculty member for his/her exemplary accomplishments in teaching, research and public service in the international arena; the award highlights the importance of the international dimensions of the awardees' contributions to his/her discipline or subject matter. The recipient must have contributed in significant ways to strengthening the international dimension of Illinois. 


University of Kansas: George and Eleanor Woodyard International Educator Award

The George and Eleanor Woodyard International Educator Award recognizes KU faculty members who have provided outstanding leadership in international education at KU. The award includes $1,000 in funding for professional activities. 


University of Minnesota: Award for Global Engagement

The University of Minnesota Award for Global Engagement is given to faculty and staff members in recognition of outstanding contributions to global education and international programs at the University or in their field or discipline.


Virginia Tech: Alumni Awards for Excellence in International Outreach, International Research, and International Education

Virginia Tech bestows several awards for international engagement. More information can be found on their website. 


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Faculty Grants for International Engagement

Kansas State University: International Incentive Grants

KSU offers grants to promote internationalization of the university. These grants are given to full-time faculty in any discipline. 


University of Kansas: International Grants and Programs

KU provides several grants for international travel, including the International Programs Travel Funds and the International Travel Fund for Humanities Research. 


University of Minnesota: Funding for International Activities

Several grants are available to UM faculty, including those for international travel and the promotion of global scholarship and partnership.


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Faculty-Student International Research Programs

Coastal Carolina University and Universidad San Francisco de Quito: Student-faculty Research Cooperative Program

This initiative is designed to assist in the support of a common research project with undergraduate students that will be carried out as an independent study (or supervised research project) in Ecuador, guided by a faculty member and a faculty colleague.


Community College of Philadelphia: Student-Faculty International Fellowship Program

Community College of Philadelphia's Center for International Understanding offers several Student/Faculty International Fellowship Programs. Students will study a particular country and theme, and then travel to the destination to experience directly the culture and contemporary society. 


Cornell University International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development

Cornell's Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development offers five faculty-student programs that incorporate international engagement into the project.


Norwegian Partnership Program (PPNA) for Collaboration in Higher Education with North America

This program, administered by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education and funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education promotes higher education cooperation between Norway and the US and Canada.


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Curriculum Internationalization Grants

Butler University: Global Initiative Grants for Faculty

In support of Butler University's Strategic Plan initiatives for comprehensive internationalization, the Provost's Office and CGE oversee an annual internal grants program to support faculty development and curricular development activities in international and area studies. Faculty may apply for funding in four categories: foreign language enhancement; area studies enhancement; on-campus course internationalization; and scouting grants for new faculty-led study programs abroad.



The SUNY Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) fosters curriculum internationalization through initiatives that bring scholars together from various institutions around the world through technology. For example, in 2013 the COIL Center received a grant from Banco Santander - Universidades  to run a multi-year project that supported an increase in faculty exchange between US and Latin American scholars through the course development and online teaching collaborations. ​

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Additional Resources 

TIAA Institute​

Paper suggets that it is viable to understand how globlaization is changing the way faculty work in an effort to retool the academic workforce that meets the needs of a changing American economy. 


American Association for the Advancement of Science​

Supported research that assessed the impact of international research collaboration. The case study included five U.S. institutions: Colorado State University, Kansas State University, Michigan State University, University of North Texas, and Washington State University.


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CIEE: International Faculty Development Seminars


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