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Student Resource Center

December 30, 1899


Staff in the ACE Resource Center are on call to answer questions about obtaining ACE credit recommendations for military and corporate training, creating and ordering your ACE transcript, and applying credit recommendations towards transfer credit at a college or university. Before contacting the ACE Resource Center, please read below to see if we can answer your questions:

What is an ACE Credit Recommendation?
  • An ACE credit recommendation is a formal recommendation to colleges and universities, requesting the award of college credit for military and corporate training and other kinds of courses taken outside the college classroom and reviewed by ACE. Learn more about using your ACE credit recommendations.

Have you taken courses with credit recommendations? Check these resources:
  • Military Guide: The Military Guide lists ACE credit recommendations for military courses and occupational specialties.

Need a Transcript for Your ACE Credit Recommendations?
Which colleges and universities consider ACE credit recommendations?
  • Colleges that consider ACE credit recommendations, and other credit for prior learning options are listed in the ACE College and University Network. Remember, the institution you are applying to has the sole discretion to determine whether it will grant transfer credit for your ACE credit recommendations.
How do I apply ACE credit recommendations toward transfer credit?
  • Each college decides what will count as transfer credit and how it will transfer.

  • Every college provides transfer credit policies and procedures, including forms you will need to complete. To find this information, check the college's catalog or website and search for "academic policies and procedures" or "transfer credit". Once you know the correct policies and procedures, complete the process.

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​We are available to help you Monday through Friday from 8:45 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. (ET).



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